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You want to know where I do it?

I was asked a personal question the other day and asked to reveal all to you.

The question being ‘Where do I do it?’ well things have changed since I first began ‘doing it’, so let me tell you.

To start off with I would do it anywhere, anytime and any how but now I a little bit more experienced I tend to stick to the same old really, a bit boring I suppose.

I used to do it outside, I like a nice view.

I used to do it at the kitchen table but I was to close to the kettle!!!

Yes, of course I have done it on the sofa, I mean don’t tell me you haven’t???

No I have never done it in bed, really!!! Though I confess I think about it a lot in bed.
I also may think about how I going to do it here, but never done it here. No! No!No!!!

I usually get watched while I am doing it!

Plus I like to swivel around and look and nice things

and more views….

But mostly I do it here.

So here is where I mostly blog, yes there is nail varnish I was multi tasking, working between drying times!!!

I was tagged by My Mum Dom and I am going to tag the lovely @Melkshammum @thelovebump @oldfashmummy two of who I owe a tag thingy too #hangsheadinshame x

Please note all my photo’s are snippets of rooms, this is because it is Saturday morning after a very hectic week. Sorry the views were not sunny I am more annoyed about this than you though. I ordered sunshine for the weekend, it has yet to arrive :-)


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2 Responses to "You want to know where I do it?"

  1. Melksham Mum says:

    What amazing views – they must be very distracting. I’m glad you have a variety of places to do it;) thanks for the tag but I did IT the other week!! x x

    1. Ali says:

      Tut tut me how did I miss that!!! Yes nice views and keeps me from working to hard ;-) Will have to go and see where you do IT now. xxx

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