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There is something quite nice about collecting food from the wild and making something yummy with it.

After having my first ever taste of wild garlic two weeks ago and really discovered what I had missed out on all these years, I thought I’d bring you some Wild Recipes.

Now I am going to have a bit of work here as apart from blackberries, elderberries (again first time to use elderberries last year in jam, gorgeous) field mushrooms and now wild garlic that is possibly my wild limitations but hey that’s part of the adventure.

The children like the thought of it and as we are always out and about with the dogs or on the bikes I am really going to see what yummy recipes we can make. Again great family time activity and with my two fast growing up, but still love hanging out with us, I am going to make the most of it.

Nettle and tomato quiche – click here to view recipe

Wild Garlic Soup – click here to view recipe

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4 Responses to "Wild recipes"

  1. Jackie Elton says:

    Hi Ali. I love nettles if you just snip of the tops and use them like you would spinach (apart from raw). I fried some mushrooms and then added the nettles and cooked until they wilted and finished them off a little butter and black pepper yum. On my blog there is a link to a good foraging site.
    Have fun

    1. Ali says:

      Hi Jackie, I was eyeing up nettles just a moment ago :) I shall check out the link on your site as that will be great help to see what else there is to find :)

  2. Sara says:

    Hey Ali, I thought you’d like to know about our chocolate competition

    Sara (mumpreneur group)

    1. Ali says:

      Hi Sara, You read my garlic soup recipe and thought this girl needs chocolate :) you may have a point. Will pop over and drool !!!

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