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U.K Holidays

Lundy bay
North Cornwall

I would love to tell you I adore exotic holidays in far-flung places. Sunsets, palm tree’s and sipping cocktails by the pool but that is SO not me. I love the sunshine but with a bit of shade on the side! Being a redhead means warmer climates send me into a red tomato in minutes. Re-applying suncream on a 10 minutes basis is really no fun and I am sure us redhead’s feel the heat even more, after all we are hotter!!!

But joking aside *I was not really joking (!) I am far happier on home soil, it just a thing. My husband is not too chuffed except it saves a bit of money and the frustration of airports, passports etc etc. We actually got married in South Africa and although it was lovely it was very hot too, so I was not too unhappy getting home, shhh! Since then it has only been a few days at Disneyland Paris and the rest have been U.K holidays.

The U.K have some gorgeous places, being that until last year we lived in Cornwall we had a holiday destination on our doorstep. Before you ask, living in Cornwall is not like being on holiday everyday, honest! We were very lucky with the gorgeous beaches we had just ten minutes drive away and before living there we enjoyed holidays near by where we ended up living.

We had a fantastic holiday in Wales a few years ago, I wrote about it here. It was so lovely and relaxing. The weather was very kind to us and to be honest I would not swapped that week for a fortnight in the Caribbean! It was so relaxed and everyone has happy memories of it.

Dorset is another great location and of course is Devon. I would love to get us up to Scotland as many of my childhood holidays were there! Having dogs also means I like them to enjoy the holiday too and even though you can get pet passports I really think they are U.K holiday fans too!

Butlins Wave Hotel view
Late afternoon view from our room

Last year we had an enforced holiday as we had one week between when we left our old house to move into our new one! It was kind of relaxing but did not really feel like a holiday. Leaving your home for 11 years then being in limbo for a week especially as we were re-locating as well felt strange. We also enjoyed a long weekend at Butlins Bognor Regis which was great!

This year we planned to go away in the Summer but my husband has just started a new job so he won’t be able to take time off then. As Bex has reached that age so I can see Oscar and I having a Mum and son break away for a few day’s. I think we are also planning to go to Cornwall for a few day’s and bring one of Oscar’s old friends back to stay here for a few more! You never know we may crack out the tent too as we loved our last camping holiday just the two of us again!

I think short or long breaks are nice to have. So I am liking this competition the ukbreakaways have on at the moment.

It is a lovely competition which is open to bloggers only (sorry folks if you are reading without a blog!) with a cash first prize of £250 closes on 31st August 2014 winners will be announced on 6th September 2014. Rules apply.

ukbreakaways have some great value breaks to check out all in the U.K perfect for me!




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