Time away from the laptop

Lately I have been a bit strict with myself re the rather over use of my laptop especially in the evenings. It is just so easy to have part of your evening sucked away by it or one have half your eye on the real life part of your evening and half and eye on the laptop.

Don’t get me wrong here I don’t sit online but sometimes when you go on hootsuite you scan through the messages make a comment, hang back to see if they comment back. Look around some more, then click-through to read a blog post etc etc. They comment back so you do, you don’t want to look rude so you hang around that bit more. There you have it those few precious hours have disappeared.

Rosie Scribble wrote about switching her i-phone off at 8p.m this week. I am an old-fashioned girl and just use the laptop as I don’t own an i-phone though my phone is a smart phone I think (!) I wouldn’t allow it to access the internet of fear of it taking over my life. I mean your out on a dog walk or with friends and you can’t resist the temptation to check your messages etc. No I don’t think I want to go there, though obviously if you were planning to get me a i-phone for my birthday…..:-)

Oscar enjoys doing Lego Digital and my laptop is the one he does it on. So these days I happily pass the laptop over to him and actually don’t quite often look at it again until the morning.

Strangely I notice I have slept better perhaps coincidence or perhaps not.

Yesterday my fingers barely touched the keys for anything really. So a whole afternoon and evening was enjoyed at home without “I’ll just check this a sec!”.

It is just to easy to quickly check something then still be there 15-30 minutes later. Not allowing yourself to ‘just check’ means you have that extra time.

Before you ask, no I didn’t get lots of jobs done. The washing mountain had already been culled to a little hill and my baking cupboard with Kilner jars ready and waiting to transform it into a baking cupboard of loveliness didn’t happen either. I won’t tell you the rest of the jobs that need doing or your opinion of me might well change!!!
But I did make paper airplanes and fly them to dizzy heights as the wind took them. Played piggy in the middle, catch, tag rugby as you do. Chatted even more than usual. Headaches were mentioned I really don’t know why!!! Came up with a new and fab recipe for Nuttela and chocolate muffins which were super yummy and defied Paul Hollywood’s exact baking measurements! Will blog recipe later 🙂 Oh yes and I did find another pair of those missing socks. In the garden as you would, the sock monster obviously likes playing in the garden in socks then taking their off and leaving them there!!! Of course the list goes on but I don’t want to bore you! The point is all my focus was on just the here, now and the right in front of me and that was rather nice.
I am not a big fan of rules so I am not going to give myself any but just quickly checking something is either going to be quick or not at all. Do I need to check and if no then leave it for later!!! Of course I know you are going to catch me out but….

Are my fingers itching *twiddles hair, no!!!

Do you have minutes that turn into hours like me?




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