The week that was….

The High’s

Half term kicked off well with Bex doing her first ever dance show. I madly volunteered my services to help out, so I had a sneak preview the week before. The group I was looking after which didn’t include Bex ๐Ÿ™ were lovely girls and by the time I got to watch the show in the evening and swapped my role of looker after ( 5 costume changes in less than a hour in the 2nd half, boy the stress!!!) I was sat there proudly looking on not only Bex but the girls I was in charge of.

Extra bonus was between shows another Mum and I took our group to the park with Bex and her friend. So they left that day with a new group of friends, which despite the downs side of Face book means they can easily keep in touch which otherwise they probably wouldn’t.

Cam and Oz were going to the show obviously for Bex loyalty, but all credit to the Dance teachers the whole show was really entertaining for everyone, so we all enjoyed it, yay!!!

This week I seem to have caught up with quite a few of my old friends, which is weird but equally nice. It is funny how old friends drift and all apart from my senior school best friend who I always have kept in touch with the others just well not so for no reason except life just keeps going to quickly!

Bex and a friend went to the cinema and Bex invited Oz, which was lovely and they all had a good time together. Yet another phase in our lives!!!

Sleepovers were had and another first was I let Bex and her friend loose in the kitchen to make cupcakes. The first being that they did it all from start to finish on their own. No disasters were had and actually rather nice looking cakes came out. Iced with slightly fleshy coloured icing but enjoyed by all and a plate full was taken home for Bex’s friends family to enjoy!!!!

We had a sunny gorgeous day at Trebrath Strand, spending anytime near the sea for me is high but always a bonus when the sun is out!
A Halloween party was enjoyed at another friends house by both my two and always lovely they invite Bex too and it was Oscar oldest friend’s party. A girl who I am sure they will always be friends.

Of course then the extra hour always a bonus on a Sunday. My idea is to always have a extra hour on a Sunday, and one less on a Monday. What do you reckon???

The Low’s

A horrid throat and cough thing all week ๐Ÿ™ which has sucked me of energy!

Discovering a hole in my wellies (yes those ones) whilst wading though a rock pool!!!

I de-iced the freezer, no not a low but I used up lots of bits of pieces and served up for Saturday’s night supper. Almost about to apologies for such a supper, I was met by “Wow Mum this looks really good!!!”. So all those wonderful nutritious meals I usually provide you with and slave over and this is a “WOW” ummm??? Saved only by the fact the gobbled up a huge salad but really!!!

Finally a real low is dark cloud is coming towards our neighbourhood. No it’s not a horrid weather front it’s our next door neighbours return from there 5 months on their barge. I spent a few hours looking at houses for sale. I joke not, this is how awful they are ๐Ÿ™

Something amazing

I love nature but not big on nature programmes but I caught the end of Frozen planet on BBC1 and I so wanted to be one ofย  those Camera men. How amazing those Orca Whales are.

Something that made me think Yeah!

Jackie Elton from Green Aspirations posted this on her Face book page and I thought ‘Yeah!’ though not sure Karma has quite caught up with my neighbours ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!So that was a bit of my week that was.



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