The stories we tell ourselves

I have not got a clue where this year has gone. Surely it was only a couple of months ago, I was planning last Christmas. I am not sure in the past year what I have achieved. Another year that has slipped by quietly with it usual challenges that life throws at us.

I was reading about the full moon for tonight and how it is a good time to reflect the year that has been and let go of what does not serve you any longer. Then invite the things that will, into your life. It all seems too easier a theory. Though I won’t be getting crystals out and burning messages of what doesn’t serve me. It is good to take a chance to reflect. I am naturally drawn to the moon and sky. So a full moon is a great reason for me to think things over!

I am sure that like many I carry things from the past which no longer serve me. Guilt, lack of confidence and self-belief. Stories I have written in my head that I am not capable for this that and the other. A list of ‘I can’t’s’ and far too little ‘I can’s’.

Though often it has been an outside influence to these stories. The idea for the story usually comes from someone else. The main part of the dialogue comes from me.

Yet, it is just a story in my head. Recently I have thought about doing different things and the story rears its ugly head. It is exhausting. So, I stay as I am doing stuff I know I am capable of. The comfort zone it is a cosy place to be right. But when you reflect that cosy place just seems plain boring and another year goes by and well it is far too similar to the last and the last….

So perhaps I should indeed write it down and burn it tonight. Perhaps, I need to let go of the story.

I still need that lottery win to create my master plan. So me, keeping my life in the comfort zone or something that costs millions to set up! Another way to keep me in the comfort zone I guess.

How strange it is, sometimes sat here typing. My photo’s edited for today were meant to be a different post altogether. Hence you only have one photo today as the rest would not match at all!

Today I obviously need to type this. Perhaps that is a start to letting go of the things I no longer need to tell myself.




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