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The overdue library book dilemma

Now this post is not just me being forgetful and disorganised (as if!) this is a post about a really overdue library book with a difference!

Go back to November 2006, yes I said 2006! Okay so this might make me a bad person but let’s hear the story. Happy with one dog in our family we decided we might get another so the children all excited went dog book crazy.

When visiting the library we saw this book


Yes, that’s the one ‘Let’s get a pup’. At this point puppy no.2 had not  even been born and we had no idea what puppy, if any we would be getting. So the book got read and read, I renewed over the phone twice and then we got the ‘pup’.

As we had the book a while it had gone on the book shelf with all the other books. But as we now had the ‘pup’ I thought it was time to take the library book back. So off I go to take it from the shelf to find that ‘pup’ now called Murphy had liked the book too. Obviously not content with his regular food and chew toys and decided to take a bite out of the said book!!!

Now of course this could have been really funny and an amusing story for the library staff, but for some reason even though it should have been funny and so easy to take back I didn’t. To this day I don’t know why. Even worse I have not been back to the library since, yes I know this is terrible especially as we love books.

So today I am asking you what would you do.

A. Never set foot in the library again, it is just too embarrassing. (How I have played it so far!)

B. Take it back in disguise, leave it for a while and start using the library again.

C. Take it back and openly tell the story and give the library staff a jolly good laugh. Depending on who is on duty of course. Then offer to pay for a new book and happily breeze in the library in the future without feeling guilty.

D. Get Murphy to take it back with a note saying it’s his fault!

Dear Library staff, sorry!!!!

So what would you do? Yes I know you would have taken it back before now but if you hadn’t!

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4 Responses to "The overdue library book dilemma"

  1. Lorraine Cooper (Squeakymom) says:

    I’d go with E) Make use of the library’s drop-box if they’ve got one – just drop it in & hope for the best.

    Or just drop it back & say nowt about the damage, I’ve seen books much more damaged in our local library, just say something about you’ve been tidying up & sorting out the kids’ stuff & found this very out of date book & you’re really sorry they’ve kept it hidden so long. Children’s books don’t have fines here, so you may well get away with it.

    1. Ali says:

      Yes I think the longer I left it the bigger the problem became. I’ll keep my eye out for the Library amnesty as I actually quite like the library :-) Nice to see you here Squeaky Mum :-)

  2. I confess I had to return a bag of 6 month overdue books we had lost behind the sofa, when I finally took them back I was so excited to find my library had machines instead of librarians and so I didn’t have to explain, although I handed over a couple of books by donation to reduce my guilt. Although machines mean less jobs for real librarians, which is not really something to celebrate!

    1. Ali says:

      Glad it is not just me, though 6 months and nearly 6 years….. We still have humans at our library I think!!! Though donating some books sounds like a good idea xxx

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