The Global Health Workers Crisis

Yesterday lots of Bloggers headed to London to the Save The Children conference and when they left they took action to get as many people involved.

Mummy from the Heart and Hello It’s Gemma has set up this blog hop to spread the word that our support is needed.

In a up to 100 words they asked us to write something about a experience we have had with health care workers.

We all take it for granted here and quite a lot of us complain about the NHS but we are so lucky to have them. When we need them in a emergency they are there. When we are worried about our children they are there. When we give birth they are there. When we need them for vaccinations they are there. When we need to be screened for certain things, they are there. In the middle of the night they are there. When you need someone to talk to, they are there. In fact when ever we need them and yes sometimes it not perfect but they are there.

This is a campaign to get more Health care workers where there is not enough which in turn means children die.

Please show your support signing this petition here

It won’t take you long and it will help to make all the difference.

Go to Mummy from the Heart to see what else you can do and to read all the other blog post who hopefully will help make a difference.



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