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Party on

I planned to have a ‘I am still 39′ party the weekend before my birthday. As we were coming home from holiday that day it was a bit tricky! Being me, I didn’t want my party a couple of days after my birthday as I would spend my actual birthday stressing what I had to get done. So Oscar’s party and then birthday came first and now this weekend it is my turn. I am sure I have a little Italian in me as my nature is to feed people. Oh I looked at good old Marks and Spencer but the inner me said no. I won’t go mega mad but I will make sure everyone has some yummy food made mostly by my fair hands. My children keep saying “It’s your party Mum, … Read entire article »

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Oz’s Party

On Monday we had Oz’s 10th birthday party, it was the first party he has had since he was five. This was due to fact on his 5th birthday party, a friend accidentally put his toe in Oz’s eye which left him in quite a bit of shock until the next day. So for the last four years he has had usually 2 friends just to do something special, his choice. But this year he had a party (Yeah), and it was a brilliant party too!!! If you read my holiday experience or ‘The snake’ bit you will be wondering why I had been so mad as to invite a snake to the party well….. we do anything for our children don’t we? So Oz had an animal experience type party, so as well as … Read entire article »

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Party Favourite Swirly Sausage Rolls

After having a bit of a sort out, as you do once in a while or in my case a long while I thought I’d sort through my collection of food magazines. Finding the oldest one from 2001 mmm, you never know when your going to need a different recipe. I had a flick through and found, surprisingly this recipe, I must of been have been using it for the last 10 years! This recipe has been a favourite at many a Halloween party but also one I make for when it’s B.B.Q season or you’re invited to a family party, the children and those kiddy adults, usually the men dive in and look at there partners saying mmm you should make these with crumbs falling out there mouths. Not … Read entire article »

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