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School’s out for SUMMER!!!

If you heard that song, it might well of been me singing it. My two are now broken up for just over 6 weeks. A big yippee in our house, big deep relaxed breath and 6 weeks to enjoy. Okay let’s be honest, I am not saying it is going to be perfect and I can’t promise that on some days I may well need a bit more peace but….. It is the Summer holidays which means no early morning pack lunches. Cutting pineapple and bits of salad. No I don’t make their pack lunches the night before, I have a bit of a thing about soggy sandwich’s in a negative sense I might add. But most of all it means hanging out with my guys, no tears from my lovely daughter who seems … Read entire article »

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My Sunday waffles

I am writing this on Saturday as the sun is supposed to be out in total full shine on Sunday and I fully intend to make the most of it. The week has been rather gorgeous full stop and as I type the sun is pouring in to the kitchen which is rather hot. This week has been rather busy, but in between times I have been enjoying reading all the different Cybermummy posts, though yet to read them all. Mummy from the Heart, Mostly yummy Mummy and Alexandra Residence to name but a few. Then Mummmy from the heart post yesterday about her quandary of her blogs made me think and I thought this could be my Sunday waffle. It was good timing as stress, I did two sponsored posts in a row. Not … Read entire article »

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My Baby is 12 years old today

Sorry but where did those 12 years go? I mean really it cannot be, I can clearly remember the midwife, Rachel her name was, laughing and saying it was more like my husband who was going to have the baby rather than me. As I stride around a rather nice room, keeping on the move as I truly thought this would ease the pain. It is a funny old thing giving birth really, not knowing what to expect. I would never say I was the most relaxed but giving birth never really worried me. So with just gas and air (yes I am showing off!) and rather a long time in labour and with a bit to many people now in the room. Yes Bex was being a little bit stubborn in the … Read entire article »

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To Legoland and back again

Oh dear it is Sunday, and I haven’t posted since Monday. Slap on wrist there. So we have had a lovely trip to Legoland. We had never been before so really did not know what to expect. Before Legoland we stayed a night in Reading, which was rather busier than what we are used to. Despite being brought up and living most of my life in Bath, I think I have turned into a rather more smaller town person since moving to Cornwall. It all made a nice change though, I really don’t like all those busy roads, no thank you. The journey from reading to Legoland was nice and straight forward, not having Sat Nav put me in the map reading position. My advice is never print off instructions from the internet, they … Read entire article »

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All ready for Legoland

As you can see all sorted for Legoland, well Bex is with her retro Lego coloured nails, what more does a girl need !!! Catch up with you in a few days time, I am on a cyber ban, my enforcement I would add, but if I did not ban myself, I am sure someone else would !!! x … Read entire article »

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Nearly a whole week being veggie

Bex and I went into town yesterday and we were caught by the waft of bacon, but did it get to me ? No, although it did smell very nice! So last night we had burgers, chickpea, courgette, red pepper, carrot, onion, garlic, fresh herbs and a bit of korma paste oh and an egg yolk was all that was needed. Home made beef burgers is a Dad and Oscar speciality. Oscar likes to have all the trimmings to make it more of a Krabby Patty (Sponge Bob!) including seeded buns. This is one of Oscar’s favourite meals so when I mentioned it was veggie burgers he was not quite convinced. I have to say the veggie ones are not only delicious, but all eaten up and enjoyed by all. Ozzie did say … Read entire article »

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Prepare yourself for Summer

Click here to read my review Most of us being busy Mum’s, how long do we spend on pamper time for ourselves and who will admit to the fact winter is so much lower maintenance than the summer. Well, I will put my hands up to that one. Summer means flip flops and sandals, that means nice feet. I usually have my toes painted, it always cheers me up, but the occasional once over with a Pedi egg (do recommend) and a squirt of foot cream is the most my feet get in the winter. Even though I might add that as I said in a much earlier post when you give your feet a good once over you do feel a whole lot lighter. Summer also means smooth skin and hair free, … Read entire article »

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My old school friend is 40 this week which means…

I am not quite sure what has happened to May, so far it seems to have gone by so quickly or maybe it is true and when your getting older time goes quicker, not liking that thought really. Anyway a quick glimpse at the calendar and I realise I need to go present buying for my oldest friends birthday. Well not my oldest friend I have lots of friends older than me tactical of course !!! Actually my two best friends here in Cornwall, one is 9 years younger and one is 9 years older had to put that in just in case you really thought I chose older friends to make me feel younger, though this could be a plan I may need to investigate. So anyway my oldest best friend … Read entire article »

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A Smile

A smile what is it worth to you? I have just come back from a walk with my dogs, I dragged the husband along too and along the way as usual I was waving and saying hi to people as they either walked or drove past. My husband permanently saying who was that then and how do you know them. It’s funny really I have always been like that, where ever I have lived, that is just the way I am, but don’t think I am some mad person (well I am really!) that just says hi to anyone, it is about a friendly face really and if you smile at someone they usually smile back and isn’t it better to smile? Though my smiley face has got me in trouble, but we … Read entire article »

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Two months of blogging and…

Well I have been blogging for just two months today so I thought I would do a little celebratory post, oh any excuse for a bit of a celebration. Actually this post really is not about me because although this blog is me (my sister reading my blog said it just like you talking phew I didn’t want to sound like anyone else) it is more about well the people I am finding along the way and I know there are lots more to discover so please feel free to point me in the right direction. Firstly I will¬† do a few newbies like me, Michelle at Old Fashioned Mummy and Jackie at Green Aspirations started out maybe a little before me, Michelle has just completed the A-Z daily challenge which hands … Read entire article »

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