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Lego Minifigures series 5

Great excitement was had in our house when I was asked if I would like to review the Lego Minifigures series 5. When they arrived tempted as I was to dive straight in and see which ones we had (yes I know!) I waited for Oscar to come home. Though I did feel those packets and tried to guess which ones were inside!!! Straight in from school, no drink or after school snack was had. It was open Lego figures. Corinna kindly sent 5 packs and this is what was inside. As you can see we have a couple of duplicates but hold fire here and listen to Oscars wise words. “It doesn’t matter if you have the same ones because you can make games with them together. Also if you have friends you can … Read entire article »

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Lego Creationary.

We had loads of fun reviewing Lego Creationary so will be adding it to my ‘Bringing the Family Together’ category. We reviewed it as a family and also a ‘grown up boys’ version. So to see what we created and if you recognise any of them! Also to find out what we thought of Lego Creationary click here. … Read entire article »

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To Legoland and back again

Oh dear it is Sunday, and I haven’t posted since Monday. Slap on wrist there. So we have had a lovely trip to Legoland. We had never been before so really did not know what to expect. Before Legoland we stayed a night in Reading, which was rather busier than what we are used to. Despite being brought up and living most of my life in Bath, I think I have turned into a rather more smaller town person since moving to Cornwall. It all made a nice change though, I really don’t like all those busy roads, no thank you. The journey from reading to Legoland was nice and straight forward, not having Sat Nav put me in the map reading position. My advice is never print off instructions from the internet, they … Read entire article »

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All ready for Legoland

As you can see all sorted for Legoland, well Bex is with her retro Lego coloured nails, what more does a girl need !!! Catch up with you in a few days time, I am on a cyber ban, my enforcement I would add, but if I did not ban myself, I am sure someone else would !!! x … Read entire article »

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