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Bella Vie review

The Summer means meeting up with friends and the family as well, which I love, but just ‘the girls’ is sometimes nice too! So when Katherine asked me if I would like to try a girly drink, well it was an excuse to invite the girls around. With the name like Bella Vie meaning beautiful life the wine promised a lot. I am a bit of a labels girl and I am not talking designer or brands here. No I am a labels girl because I am a sucker for a pretty label. I choose my wine by pretty labels!!! So when Bella Vie arrived I was immediately wowed by the beautiful label, it shouts out girls night in!!! Then I turned the bottle and sharp intake of breath ‘It was Italian’!!! The … Read entire article »

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Simple pleasures – Late Summer

Late Summer, well the beginning of September so I assume we can call it that! I love this time of year, but equally don’t like it as it is the beginning of another school year. Though for now, for a few more days I won’t think about that quite yet. So the simple pleasures for now has to be picking berries. From a little girl to now I have always enjoyed going out and collecting those beautiful coloured berries. Okay you might get a little bit scratched, your hands and especially nails will look a bit purple for a day or so but………. Blackberries being mine and the children’s favourite can be transformed into beautiful coloured goodies to eat. We made ‘Blackberry and Apple Muffins‘, we made ours gluten free by swapping the flour, … Read entire article »

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Lego Creationary.

We had loads of fun reviewing Lego Creationary so will be adding it to my ‘Bringing the Family Together’ category. We reviewed it as a family and also a ‘grown up boys’ version. So to see what we created and if you recognise any of them! Also to find out what we thought of Lego Creationary click here. … Read entire article »

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Left overs nearly finished

Oh did I over estimate my friends appetites, mmm just a bit. But let me tell you left overs are jolly tasty and you look in the fridge and ‘Hey Presto’ there is something gorgeous and yummy to eat. Note to self 1. When inviting people around after eight most have already eaten. Note to self 2. You don’t need to provide them with more than they would eat for there  lunch, dinner and supper. Note to self 3. You don’t need to spend the best part of a day and a little more to prepare. Note to self 4. Remember which mini quiches (so cute) and mini paper wrapped quiches (even cuter and no pastry) are the ones with bacon in especially when you have vegetarian guests. Note to self 5. When you lovingly make … Read entire article »

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Bringing the family together

With my guys growing up rapidly at 12 and so very nearly 10, I really want to make sure we have years of happy family times ahead of us, whilst they also do the things this age do hanging out with friends etc. So I decided to add a new category named Bring the Family together. You will find here things we have tried, things we have done and places we have been and hopefully get lots of ‘bringing the family together’ idea’s in our hectic lifes. This may be something I have reviewed  or equally just something which we did which was great fun. I read Old Fashioned Mummy’s school holiday plans, which sound great and I admit to missing the fact you do so much more with your children when they are … Read entire article »

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Off on Holiday

We are off for a weeks holiday, isn’t it funny when you say your going on holiday, people say “Going anywhere nice?” what sort of question is that! “No I booked a really cr*p holiday!!! What is worse is if you’re not, as we are not, going anywhere exotic you say “No just Pembrokeshire!” So we are off to Pembrokeshire tomorrow and no it’s not just Pembrokeshire because it looks really fab. So we are all packed and excited and it will be nice to have a break away. We are renting out a rather cute little cottage that’s a bit in the sticks with no Wifi so I will have a little time a way from my cyber side of life. It is always to tempting to check emails and a scoot … Read entire article »

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