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Off on Holiday

We are off for a weeks holiday, isn’t it funny when you say your going on holiday, people say “Going anywhere nice?” what sort of question is that! “No I booked a really cr*p holiday!!! What is worse is if you’re not, as we are not, going anywhere exotic you say “No just Pembrokeshire!” So we are off to Pembrokeshire tomorrow and no it’s not just Pembrokeshire because it looks really fab. So we are all packed and excited and it will be nice to have a break away. We are renting out a rather cute little cottage that’s a bit in the sticks with no Wifi so I will have a little time a way from my cyber side of life. It is always to tempting to check emails and a scoot … Read entire article »

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Miss organised – Not!

Firstly I have never been organised, but now I really feel more than ever I need to be. At the moment if I said I seem to be juggling at least 10 balls ( balls = important things that need attention) I would be underestimating by quite a long shot. With that in mind you can see why organisation could be a bit helpful in my life. Today for example I wasted a good 45 minutes looking for something. How often do we (oh please don’t let me feel I am the only one!) do that?  How often have I thought I am not going to do that again, e.g put something in a strange and bizarre place and forget it and have I learnt? Well quite frankly no, the thing is … Read entire article »

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Mumsnet Rules Book

Mumsnet has brought out a new book written by Natasha Joffe and Justine Roberts and priced at £12.99 (Hardback). The Mumsnet Rules is drawn from the message board of the Mumsnet site and knowing how useful advice is from other parents. This is a book of do’s and don’ts and a book to make you laugh and realise parenting can be a real minefield. So should we use rules when parenting. We all need rules including us parents and rules make us all feel safe to a certain extent. I think rules really need to fit you and your family and not what someone else tells you. Interesting enough co-author Natasha Joffe mentions in her foreword that when her baby was six weeks old and she found herself still having very little sleep. … Read entire article »

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