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Left overs nearly finished

Oh did I over estimate my friends appetites, mmm just a bit. But let me tell you left overs are jolly tasty and you look in the fridge and ‘Hey Presto’ there is something gorgeous and yummy to eat. Note to self 1. When inviting people around after eight most have already eaten. Note to self 2. You don’t need to provide them with more than they would eat for there  lunch, dinner and supper. Note to self 3. You don’t need to spend the best part of a day and a little more to prepare. Note to self 4. Remember which mini quiches (so cute) and mini paper wrapped quiches (even cuter and no pastry) are the ones with bacon in especially when you have vegetarian guests. Note to self 5. When you lovingly make … Read entire article »

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My Mum is 40 today

A special post by our daughter Bex today to celebrate Ali (my wife’s) 40th and what she means to Bex and not forgetting Oscar!! Well it’s mums 40th today and she doesn’t look a day over 30 and she’s as amazing as ever! A mum, a friend and a fabulous advice giver to me. Most my friends call their mums bossy, uncool and strict but my mum is NOTHING like that and is my most trustworthy reliable friend as well as someone who cares for me and always makes sure I’m alright, that’s what my mum is all about putting other people before herself and always sticks by it almost like her policy. Mum is also very supportive in what I want to do with my life and I know that whatever … Read entire article »

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Did I mention I was going to be 40 tomorrow

Tomorrow I am going to be 40. Please do not say ‘Life begins at 40′ because excuse me mine began 40 years ago or 40 years tomorrow to be exact. The other little gem of a comment is ’40 is the new 30′ again no it is not. 40 is 40 not 30 at all. It is a big 10 years bigger and there is nothing new about that. Other than those little comments there is little I can do about the fact tomorrow I will no longer be in my 30′s and actually be in my 40′s. Hard swallow, stinging eyes and yes I am slightly gutted that I have already lived 40 years of my life and it seems to have gone far to quickly. In one of the first few weeks … Read entire article »

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My old school friend is 40 this week which means…

I am not quite sure what has happened to May, so far it seems to have gone by so quickly or maybe it is true and when your getting older time goes quicker, not liking that thought really. Anyway a quick glimpse at the calendar and I realise I need to go present buying for my oldest friends birthday. Well not my oldest friend I have lots of friends older than me tactical of course !!! Actually my two best friends here in Cornwall, one is 9 years younger and one is 9 years older had to put that in just in case you really thought I chose older friends to make me feel younger, though this could be a plan I may need to investigate. So anyway my oldest best friend … Read entire article »

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…being nearly 40

If you have read my About Me you’ll know that this summer I will be 40! 40 to me is a rather big number, double 20 to be precise! Which is kind of scary when I really think I am only 25. Alright 28, which brings me nicely onto one of those compliments you keep to the front of your mind, it goes….. Day before 39th birthday talking to one of my customers “I am going to be 39 tomorrow!” Customer “No your not”, Me “Yes I am” Customer “No your not!”  Me “I am!” Customer “But I thought you were only about 28!” Hold that thought which means obviously in July I am only going to look 29, keep that thought then it’s not so bad is it? I have to say I … Read entire article »

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