Sunlight, colour and just plain neutral

Today is somewhat a grey day so I am more than happy to be sharing photos of blue skies and sunshine. I am sure I am not the only one who keeps sunny photo’s on their phone to look at on grey days.

Though I confess to enjoying the winter sunshine more. It seems such a bonus, doesn’t it?  Especially in November, which can be filled with very grey days. Don’t get more wrong I do love the warm summer long days. Just in the summer rather a lot of the time we get up feeling a bit disappointed when the sun is not out. So, when it finally comes and heats us up to melting point. We feel really guilty that we are not enjoying it as much as we should.  When the heat turns up. we seek sanctuary in the shade, usually indoors and getting through ice like no man’s business.

I would say it was just me. But I know that it is not, from the memory of melting and exhausted complaints. Whereas wake up in November and the early morning sun is out. You feel so happy and glad. It is a bonus am I right.

The winter sunshine also lights up things that the summer glare just doesn’t. The early morning sun just hits the side of our beech tree and lights it up. Whilst I walk in the park, my brain can not help but feel pleasure whilst my eyes take in the autumn tree’s lite up as if by magic. The warm light on buildings just catches my eye. Even the red brick of the back of our house looks gorgeous. We are one of the early Victorian houses or late Georgian that has Bath stone at the front but rest is a red brick! I know, what fakers!

Actually Bath stone in the winter sunshine is another of my favourite things. It just lifts it and makes it look so warm. Being a Bath ‘girl’ I think it just triggers happy sunny day memories for me!

Talking of warm glow. My lovely pumpkins look gorgeous in the sunshine too. I could not bring myself to carve one up for Halloween. So I made for the first time pumpkin pie. Despite everyone doubting the thought of a vegetable in a pudding, it was loved by all. Though Oscar who loved it did describe it as baby food in a pie! I kind of get his thinking there. I really should have taken a photo of a slice. But with two more pumpkins to consume I may well make another baby food pie! We also had roasted pumpkin which I just love and the dog’s consumed the rest of the pumpkin puree I made for the pie. I did not great around to making soup as I was poorly. But the dog’s loved it over a few meals!

Whilst I am enjoying the warmth of the winter sunshine, we have been busy, actually mainly Cam has been busy removing the warm but rather drab orange from one of our rooms. It took two coats of white just to get a base to repaint it! At the time the retro orange seemed such a good idea. Only one wall, that can’t be too much. Again, my brain must have been searching happy childhood memories as we did have an orange kitchen which I loved! Anyhow, in a lack of light Victorian back room. I can safely say it looks not one bit vibrant and actually a little bit draining.

Despite, I am a colour loving person. We have gone very neutral with grey paintwork. Not vibrant at all but it makes the room seem a hundred times lighter and fresher. I feel so much happier in there now.

The dogs seem to be appreciating the calm colours now and we did get the paint you can easily wipe just in case the dogs decide to add a pattern of rainy day’s splats to it! There is still more to do in here. Including the dog’s understair cave, which thinking I got rid of all the orange realise it is orange there too!

Pass the white emulsion, will you!





2 comments on “Sunlight, colour and just plain neutral

  1. Susan Mann
    November 14, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    Beautiful autumnal colours and I just love pumpkins What a gorgeous little puppy too xx

    • Ali
      November 14, 2017 at 3:19 pm

      I just love the colour of Autumn and pumpkins too! Just not on my walls it seems. Kit is a gorgeous dog in every way….mostly! xx

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