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Sundays Love or Hate ?

I have always loved Sundays as a child, this meant afternoon family outings, sometimes even whole days out and a roast dinner all sat down together, a thing that probably only happened on Sundays.

Now to me it means relaxed family time (well I am relaxed not sure about anyone else), a trip to the beach (my favourite), basically Sunday means take the pressure off. Yes all that washing still needs to be done (please note I say nothing about ironing we use a very natural iron in our household it’s called body heat !) and food needs to be prepared but lets take our time. There is no time schedule for this day it’s just a take it as it comes day.

On the other hand my daughter Bex and my husband hate Sundays (why?) apparently it is because Mondays follow Sunday (!), they love the trip to the beach, the fact I’m not having to constantly say “have you got this, have you done” that before having to rush off to school or work.  They love the fact I may have baked cakes to have with a pot of tea (has to be a pot on a Sunday – see post of simple pleasures) and they love roast dinner but they still hate Sundays.

Oscar my son enjoys any day he is not at school, although he will say he doesn’t like Sunday evenings, I can see that although to me Sunday evenings are still more relaxed as I am more relaxed and again yes there are things to get ready but it feels more relaxed.

Is it me or does everything seem so much calmer on Sundays? Living in Cornwall things are much quieter as most things are shut (except the supermarkets). I know in Bath where we come from although still busy it still is a more relaxed busy, perhaps that’s why I also love Sundays, it’s a calm day and I love calm !

So if you hate Sunday because Mondays follow please don’t, although I have yet to convert some of my rather more stubborn family members to the fact Sundays are fab.

Not forgetting those who work Sundays (I am sorry) but what ever you are doing I know we need you and I hope you pretend your day off is a Sunday when it comes around.

So Love your Sunday whatever you are doing, I am about to have a relaxing cuppa !

Taking it easy......



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6 Responses to "Sundays Love or Hate ?"

  1. Catherine says:

    What a lovely post! I admit to feeling horrid on Sunday evenings, with the knowledge of the Monday morning looming ahead at a rate of knots (why doesn’t the working week go in as fast as the weekends?), but this post is a gentle reminder for me to relax and stop stressing about it. Thanks :)

    P.S – I found your blog through the Jam n Clotted Cream PR page, I look forward to more of your posts :)

    1. Ali says:

      Thank you Catherine and feel great that it reminded you to relax and stop stressing :) enjoy your Sunday :)

  2. Michelle Way says:

    I too like Sundays, I feel they lay the pathway for the week and I can try and get the week organised and so have a relaxed start (as I type at 8.30pm I still haven’t made the lunchboxes, so not the best start!). Having had a roast helps, we do caffetieres of coffee instead of pots of tea!

    1. Ali says:

      You sound more organised than me Michelle. Pack lunches get packed in the mornings here :) for fear of soggy sandwhiches (shudder!). Have to say I long for a coffee but still can’t bring myself to have one after the last cup I had confirmed I was pregnant and that was 12 years ago !!! Actually about to have a mint tea now shhhh ! :)

  3. Thea says:

    Hi Ali,
    I love Sundays too. In fact I love the whole weekend because the pressure is off. During the week I always feel that I have to use every second efficiently, or wisely, but at the weekend I don’t feel that. I can bake, read the paper, take time in the shower without feeling guilty. And if we organise a family trip out somewhere, it’s even better. Especially if it is to the beach.

    1. Ali says:

      Hi Thea,
      Yes I vote for longer weekends. Baking on Sundays do feel just nice (flapjacks and coffee and white chocolate cakes yesterday). Had to the miss the beach yesterday though :( but still had a relaxing day.

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