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Everyday life sometimes just seems to be hectic, in fact more often than not we are all juggling things more than we ever were. We charge around doing this and that, essential stuff and not so essential stuff, but well we will do it anyway. Then we go and worry about something which usually leads to worry about something else, and the whole cycle just spins into the whirl of what I call  ‘La La Brain’ otherwise know as ‘Arrrrghhhh’.

You get my drift, we have all been there and well most of us have probably been there already today. I can tell you I have felt this way more than once today.  Though this is a sponsored post for Twinings I can honestly say in order to get my brain ‘un La La ed!’ I did ‘Take 5’ with a Twinings cup of chamomile tea in the sunshine in the garden. Sorry Twinings I didn’t quite make in 10 but so close.

Taking 10 mins to refresh, recharge or relax really does make a difference to your day. Even in the most busy schedules finding just 10 mins just for you will make everything else seems much easier. Reducing stress and making you feeling happier

I love this new video from Twinings, ‘The Hill’ beautifully sang by American folk rock singer Lissie is Fleetwood Mac’s cover of ‘Go your on way’.You can almost feel how she is feeling

You can download this song from itunes here

So do you take 10 and what is your favourite way to take 10 minutes just for you? There are some great idea’s on taking 10 on the Twinings website. As I only took 5 I think I might take my other 5 now!!!

This is a sponsored post by Twinings

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