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Sold & going forward

SoldLast weekend I was somewhat stressing, nothing new there for me!!! I had seen our buyer pass by the house several times, we live in a cul de sac so it not really passing by! Stressing thinking he was having second thoughts, I confess mild hatred crept in a little, not like me at all!

A call to my estate agent on Monday who is really lovely but when I told her, her voice dropped a little mirroring what I was feeling. I sobbed to twitter, and got some brow soothing comments. I stressed and sweated for an hour then the phone rang, it seemed good news but I was not partying yet as after all it was an email from a solicitor to ours that could have been drafted on the Friday.

So more waiting, feeling only slightly less stressed then hours and hours later which seemed like day’s the phone rang. Our buyers wanted to exchange that day the dates were more flexible and we will be homeless only for one week, which equals a weeks holiday!

In the afternoon we exchanged, I was on my own so only could celebrate with a tweet and a Facebook message!!! The ‘yays’ and ‘congratulations’ came in as lovely replies which made me feel well good! You realise with social media that there is a whole lots of lovely people out there, I love that!

I know it is only a house sold or well just exchanged we don’t move out until the 23rd August but for me, us it is a move forward. It is not just a house sell it is a change that we need.

As my best friend said to me when we met up for coffee and I said I am hoping it is the change we do need she said wisely ‘Keep looking forward and you will go forward’.

It is true, I have spent a lot of my life looking back. But you can not change the time behind you but you can shape your future from what you have learned.

That is what I intend to do x

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  1. Jane whalley says:

    I am so pleased that it has all worked out for you, as it is so stressful. We put our house on the market in Feb with a view to downsizing to try and reduce the mortgage. Have had plenty of viewings etc, but people are offering quite a lot lower. In fact wehave had a better offer now, but still lower than we want and haven’t actually accepted it yet. It’s a funny situation, as we live on a lovely lane now and arereally struggling to find anywhere we like. So much so, we have decided to contact the estate on Monday to say we are now taking it off the market. We have really tried and there have been ups and downs but at the moment, I think it doesn’t make any financial sense whatsoever. We might try again next year, but we’ll see. I am so pleased it has worked out for you and it’s good to hear in these tough housing times.

    Wishing you all the best

    Jane xx

    1. Ali says:

      Financially moving is really quite expensive unless you are down sizing massively. We really wanted to move away, accepted the cost and downsizing to clear debts that we had from a business venture started 3 months before the recession started!!! Bad timing or what!!! We worked everything out and found our bottom price we could afford to accept and went with offers in excess of this amount. We had an offer in 5 weeks of it being on the market this year and none last year so things are improving but it is a buyers market.

      Reading between the lines it sounds maybe your not ready to sell yet so perhaps it is good to stick around for a bit and things may improve so you won’t need to move at all. We are re-locating so it is different, though I am already missing my gorgeous view before I have even left! – Ali x x x

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