back to school

September and we are back to school now

It is always good to get the first day out the way isn’t it? Oscar’s very first day at secondary school was apparently quote ‘Fine’, later on ‘It’s alright really’ and a back to schoolbit later ‘Well it is a bit boring’ but hey what can you say. Oscar’s world would be far more exciting than sitting listening to teachers all day given the choice but he is an 11 year old boy so…..

Bex’s day went as well too, she is not blessed with a particular nice year, you get years like this. Oscar has always been really lucky and again his form sounds a really nice one I guess that is the way it goes. Anyway the timetables are pinned up on the pinboard, I will get them to decorate them at the weekend, my attempt at making them look more exciting or more to the point so they don’t mix them up in a hurry!!!

With no children about to distract me I have no excuses not to get on because September also means getting back into the swing of doing some work. September is also a good lets get in done month something about the slight nip in the air but usually like today a lovely bit of sunshine. Not that we had much sun this Summer but September sunshine is just a nicer sun if you know what I mean.

So with that no excuses, time to get on…….

A quick cake distraction as September is also blackberry time so if your picking some this totally yummy Blackberry & Apple Muffin cake recipe could be for you 🙂


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