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Looking back – Schools out for Summer

Relaxed Summer holiday camp fire suppers! Yes I did have short hair & look like a boy here!

Relaxed Summer holiday camp fire suppers! Yes I did have short hair & look like a boy here!

There is very few feelings you can beat than that childhood feeling when breaking up for Summer. Who else remembers it?

The bell rings and you are out of there, no return for at least 6 weeks, it feels good in fact it feels brilliant! No more early starts, no more school stress, endless weeks or that is how it seems of doing stuff you enjoy. No school uniform and ties to have strangling you in the heat, time to take at your own pace for most day’s at least! Maybe a holiday to look forward to, a break from the norm. Usually for me it was 10 day’s camping at then end of August, blissful times usually somewhere in the middle of no-where which living in Bath seemed perfect for 10 day’s.

Of course all my Summer holiday’s I remember were sunny. Sunny day’s in the park, picnic’s, pubs visits sat in the garden with a tomato juice and a pickled egg (okay I may have had strange taste for a child!). Walks along the canal maybe making it to the George at Bathhampton, when I was younger that seemed like miles. As I got older day’s with friends and day’s just to laze or just hanging around the park waiting for various boys to appear! Watching the boy’s swim at Warleigh weir while we sat on the edge chatting. Late nights up chatting with my best friend, usually a week with her to visit my Grandparents in Exmoor then walking the mile and a half to the phone box to ring up above boy’s or random one’s that I thought would make great boyfriends for my friend! I was Celia Black in the making when it came to blind dates though sure my friend would not have agreed! As a teen meant a little bit of work to earn some money to spend at have more fun!

My Grandparents cottage lots of Summer holiday time spent here from tot to teen!

My Grandparents cottage lots of Summer holiday time spent here from tot to teen!

Just relaxed happy times, sure everyday was not perfect though sure I never got bored. Or indeed look forward to going back to school either! But I remember that wonderful feeling so well, the long holiday’s the possibilities of doing fun stuff or nothing at all if you wanted. Total bliss!

So I wonder the difference to now. My two are thrilled to be off but life has changed so much since the day’s of ‘Why Don’t you?’ who madly told us to switch off the television and do something less boring instead at the start of their show! Today the endless t.v to watch, computers, games consoles, phones, constant noise from the outside even when you are quietly sat in your room (I wrote about that here). And I think being a teen today seems so much harder. I am glad I did not grow up with today’s distractions. The 3 mile round trip to the phone box was enjoyed even if it went unrewarded with a  “he is out”. It really did not matter, we were out, we were happy and we were on our summer holiday’s so tomorrow we could do the walk again and maybe catch him in!

What do you remember about your Summer holiday’s and would you swap your day’s back then for what the school holiday’s mean especially to a teen now?


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6 Responses to "Looking back – Schools out for Summer"

  1. 76sunflowers says:

    I am quite sad that E will not have the phone box experience, the excitement holding a 10p coin in your sweaty palm, the wondering of what will he say???!!! Now it’s all so public and out there! We had it so good :)

    1. Ali says:

      Lovely comment and yes we did have it so good. We had less but it was easier :-)

  2. Tomato juice and a pickled egg?! Hahaha….you really did have strange taste! For me it was a bottle ofcoke with a straw and a bag of salt and vinegar criosps sat in the car. And we thought it was awesome! I spent no end of time in our local park too :)

    1. Ali says:

      And weren’t straws so special back then! If I had ready salted crisps I always added my own vinegar, soggy crisps but not lacking on vinegar flavour ! Happy day’s :-)

  3. Oh yes coke and crisps in a pub beer garden, making our own fun with kids who lived locally, camping in the UK, pottering in Grandparents gardens – that was the stuff I remember best :) great post x

    1. Ali says:

      Thanks Penny! Yep I am sure we had it easier :-) Lots of lovely memories x

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