Scheduling, what me?

The very word brings me out in a cold sweat. You need a schedule! Your talking to me, nah I don’t need a schedule. I am me on me time, jam-packed to the brim with all sorts of juggling of things.

My children have never been late for school, I have only missed a couple of dentists appointments (it’s the dentist!!!) in my life so why would I need a schedule, but….

Okay so if you think your right let’s try it.  Now we have mentioned the diaries (!) but that is not quite a schedule. Most of my work time now is spent at the lap top so let’s give the Google Calendar a shot!!! You know, if you really think I need a schedule!

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Monday, day one of the google calendar. London between 10-11a.m and again between 2-3p.m. Whilst getting excited that I was actually missing something fab that just happened to be happening 6 hours away from my home, was quite frankly pointless. I mean what had I actually scheduled between this time is quite frankly a mystery. Yes I confess I need to schedule in some time for working this whole thing out. Erica from Ace Inspire mentioned you could schedule time out in pretty colours. That is the only reason I really went there!

Via the Handmade Horizons course which I was so luckily to have won the scholarship place for #happy, there was a resources link for the ‘Time Machine’. It is in fact about making time or quite frankly learning not to waste it or at least learning where you do actually lose it!!! Here is the fab link to, The Square Peg Blog check it out if you want to find some time.

I also have to confess I have actually ordered a book about organising and you know getting more well organised really. Yep it isn’t me but look I sometimes get dizzy chasing my tail, and a few people think I am dizzy enough!!!

So watch this space, while the new, organised and scheduled me emerges but top tip don’t hold your breath! 😉



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