Samsung Ultimate Talent Competition

The ‘Stage’ is Samsungs ultimate YouTube talent contest. Where the ‘Stage’ is open to showcase your or your children’s skills or talents.

With the chance of winning up to $25K and a chance to star in a professional video it is worth thinking what talents your household has to offer!

So what would it be? I know Bex would happily sing and dance, two things she is really talented at. Oscar being camera shy like me, would probably do an impersonation and make everyone smile. Me (!) well I still thinking on that one……

What talents or skills do you have as a family and most importantly what talents would you love to capture forever on film? You can even get the pets involved if you have say a dog or hamster that does tricks!!!

Here is a celebration moment, in fact the actual celebration moment was as good if not better than the goal they captured to begin with.


My back-flips are not quite up to that just yet, but I am working on it!!! Luckily there are no limits to creativity so get your cameras and phones poised ready for the action!!!

All videos need to be kept under 2 minutes long

Steer clear of any copyrighted material e.g music. (you have to sing yourself!)

No rude words.

No more than 3 entries per month (for those really talented families!)

If your speaking it needs to be in English.

Other than that your free to capture all that talent, load it up and wait for the votes to come in!!!

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