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Ryvita Sponsor British Cheese Week

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I did a post on British cheese week but obviously it was a whole year ago. Ryvita again this year are sponsoring British cheese week, a week to celebrate all our wonderful British cheeses and a chance to remind us how many fantastic cheeses we produce.

Juliett Harbutt who founded the week as a celebration of British cheese has come up with her ultimate cheeseboard below. Ryvita asked me if I would come up with mine too, so once you have seen Juliett’s then see what you think of what I have come up with.

Great British Cheeseboard

The ultimate British cheeseboard should always comprise at least five different cheese varieties: a soft cheese, a hard cheese, a blue cheese, a medium-soft and a goat’s cheese.
·      Innes Button
Fresh goats cheese from Coventry
·      Little Wallop
Soft white cheese from Somerset
·      Flower Marie
Soft white cheese from Sussex
·      Golden Cenarth
Medium-soft Welsh cheese
·      Lord of the Hundreds
Hard cheese made with Cow’s milk from Sussex
·      Wyfe of Bath
Hard cheese from Bath
·      Shropshire Blue
Nottinghamshire blue cheese

Yes it does sound good doesn’t it? Well for me my ultimate cheeseboard I have kept some local to me as these are cheeses we really like but also it nice to keep some of your shopping basket local!!! The others are chosen again as being close to where I am actually from and the blue well just because 🙂

Over a Cuppa’s Ultimate British Cheeseboard

My first up is my semi soft (or as described semi hard, surely the same thing?!!!) and that is:

Cornish Yarg – Produced at Lynher Dairies in Cornwall. It has a creamy and tangy flavour. Cornish Yarg is mostly recognised by its unique wrapping of nettles.

My soft cheese again I am keeping local and is:

St Endellion Brie – a really creamy taste coming from its extra adding of double cream! From Cornwall

My hard cheese has to be:

Cheddar – Proper cheddar from Cheddar, just like we always had in our fridge when I was growing up. Though have to confess Davidstow  would be very welcome on the cheeseboard too!!!

Since the last British cheese week, one goats cheese has regularly been in our fridge and loved and that is:

Capricorn Goats Cheese – I could happily eat a whole round of this (shhh!) it is not too goaty like some goats cheese. It is creamy and just ever so scrumptious! From Somerset

My blue cheese and rather like my cheddar from cheddar may be a little not ‘wild’ but for me blue cheese shouts one thing and that is:

Stilton – There are lots of gorgeous blue cheeses but for me to be an ultimate it would have to be Stilton, blue cheese how it should be!

That is my ultimate cheese board all from Britain and to serve it, that would be with grapes, apple slices, dry fruit, chutney and crackers of course.
Ryvita hint of chilliWe have been trying out the Ryvita latest ranges of their crispbreads and all have really enjoyed the ‘Hint of Chilli’ ‘Herbs’ and  ‘Sunflower seeds & oats’ I of course had to sit and watch why they were eaten. They have been enjoyed with cheese, soup and even quite often on their own, so they must be good. Oscar is getting rather particial to them!!!

Ryvita as well as Crispbreads that they are so famously known for also now do crackers that include ‘Golden Rye’ and ‘Black Pepper’ varieties. All delicious and lovely and low-calorie so you can eat more cheese without feeling guilty!!!!
Ryvita Crackers

Each packet of Ryvita crackers for cheese come with four stay fresh packs which I think is a fab idea!

I would like to thank Gemma for asking me to do the ultimate British cheeseboard and thank you for the Ryvita. Loved by everyone and if I could eat it I know it would get the thumbs up from me too 🙂









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