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hello-fresh-boxHello Fresh, great name isn’t it? I had not heard of them before (I know where have i been!).

So who and what is Hello Fresh? Firstly they have been going for over a year now with what seems like a successful first year and growing. They offer a food box with a difference, one of  the differences  being apart from very basic things like oil, salt and pepper the box contains every thing you need for your meals for the number of day’s chosen.

But Hello Fresh is much more than just a box with food to make a meals in. The box contains fresh and top quality ingredients, the fish was from where the Queen gets her from you know! Well if it good enough for her then…

Hello Fresh is still much more than just a box with fresh top quality  food needed to make delicious meals for you. It is a box full to inspire you to cook, a box with step by step instructions simple to follow and easy to achieve a supper that you would happily eat in a restaurant.

The menu and recipes are the clever work of Patrick who you can find out more about here on ‘Introducing Patrick, Hello fresh Head Chef’

hello-fresh box You can see this is the box we were sent. This arrived the week of Halloween so had a Halloween theme which I thought was fantastic! Our menu for 3 nights to serve 4 people was:

Dracula’s oven-baked Sea Bream with creep chilli spiked vampire vegetables


Simple Spooky shredded chicken with citrus sour scream

served with brown rice


Wicked Witch’s carrot, pancetta and lentil cauldron broth

served with herb foccacia


Which would have cost £59 including delivery. These portions were generous and it was really serving 4 adults, though a family box is available at £65 for 4 nights and would be what as a family I would have chosen.

Firstly I will say now, that I do meal plan (mostly) to stick to a budget. I think it is only fair to say that as a rule 4 meals for £65 would be over my budget. Hello fresh give an example of Supermarket verses themselves price wise which price for price puts them as better value. This of course reflects prices for top quality products so if your food budget is at for example Waitrose (though their price comparisons were with Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Tesco) then Hello fresh is most probably be on a par if not cheaper with what you would usually spend and certainly a whole lot more inspiration than having to sort it out yourself and go to the Supermarket etc etc.

Hello fresh fish-dishLets see how we got on:

  • I loved having the recipes to follow which were very easy to accomplish.
  • The menu’s were delicious for all 3 nights
  • All Healthy meals
  • The kids love the idea and wanted to get involved with the cooking!
  • Great to try out different idea’s.
  • So nice to have all the ingredients you needed and measured out. Made cooking that much easier.
  • It actually felt like a mini cooking course, even though I do cook a lot and try new things.
  • No shopping or meal planning for those three nights, bliss!
  • Fantastic ingredients (I should have put this at the top!)
  • Tips on how to make the most of your box
  • Recyclable packaging and if you can’t recycle or re-use any packaging yourself then save it up in the original box and drop off to free depot point.
  • An incentive scheme after 3 weeks, 10 weeks and 20 weeks
  • Lovely menu cards, that are great to keep and inspire you for the future!
Oscar helping out with the Hello fresh cooking!
Oscar helping out with the Hello fresh cooking!


hello-fresh-chickenOur meals for the three nights all looked good and I can promise you they tasted fantastic! I would love to see in the family box to see how they actually   get the children involved with simple age related tips, which I think is fantastic idea.  My two who are 14 & 12 really liked the whole idea and though they both like to give cooking a go I think a family box would be a great excuse to try new things and help out. I am a big fan of knowing my kids when they are older will not just rely on the microwave or opening a pizza box!

Hello fresh have teamed up with ‘Simple’ and as well much to Bex’s delight  a tube of Simple cleansing wash was included in the box, which she is loving using! Though I can see the obvious connection between eating healthily and good skin I did find this a little bit of a random extra to be honest!

Hello fresh 3As you can see Hello fresh is most definitely more than just a food box! The big question with any review is would I use them again and would I recommend them.

Simply the answer is yes I would use them again, even though they would be over my regular budget I would occasionally treat us to a box. The great thing is you can start and stop with them when ever you want to!

Would I recommend them? Well if you have read this then you will know that is a yes! So I am happy to offer you a £10 off discount off an any order with Hello Fresh using the offer code HelloAli

I think Hello Fresh are a company that will go far and it has been a pleasure to be able to review their service.

Do visit the Hello Fresh website and see what you think.

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