Review – EasiYo yogurt maker


For rather a long time Bex has been after a EasiYo yogurt maker. Liking the sound of all the flavours you can get appealed to Bex and she loves yogurt.

So, when I was invited to an event with EasiYo I was thrilled to hear from them. Unfortunately like most events it was based in London a good £60+ journey so I had to pass on that.

A couple of months later I was sent a EasiYO maker with a delicious vanilla sachet to try and some new flavours that would head my way soon to really try the EasiYO maker out properly.

I made the vanilla yoghurt which is super easy to do. You simply half fill the EasiYo jar you are making the yogurt in with room temperature water. Add the yogurt mix, pop the lid on and give a good shake. Then add more to a line on the jar near the top and re-shake.

The yogurt maker is made up of three parts. The main outer, a spacer inside and the lid. You simply press the spacer down into the yogurt maker and pour boiling water to the top of the spacer. Then pop the jar of the yogurt mixture, screw on the yogurt makers lid and leave for 8-12 hours. Remove from the yogurt maker and chill. Voila you then have so very delicious yogurt. This makes a 1kg of yogurt and will last for 1 week in the fridge.

Unfortunately someone in the postal system obviously likes EasiYo as the other sachets never arrived, so excuse the lack of my own photo’s on this post.

What I loved about the EasiYo yogurt maker

  • Easy to use
  • I can only speak for the vanilla flavour but the flavour was totally delicious. In the voice of the Carlsberg advert…’Probably the best vanilla yogurt I have tasted in the world! Really fantastic flavour and felt like a treat to eat it.
  • The yogurt is packed full of good bacteria which our tummies these day’s are crying out for. So getting good bacteria for good gut health in such a delicious way has got to be a good thing.
  • It is gluten-free, no articial colours or flavours and vegetarian.
  • There is a huge selection of flavours and sachets to choose from, so you won’t get bored when it comes to flavour choices.

The downs of the EasiYo yogurt maker.

  • Contains sugar and soya which won’t suit everyone.
  • 1kg is quite a bit of yogurt of one flavour but in the good news EasiYo have bought out a half size which solves that problem. In our house Oscar is now dairy free, Bex wasn’t keen on the natural occurring liquid that forms on the top of the yogurt (fussy teen) and Cam is not a yogurt fan so 1kg for me was quite a bit…delicious but!
  • Price point is an average £2.70 for a sachet that makes 1kg. When buying yogurt I tend to go for offers so in comparison I would say making your own is not actually a saving in monetary terms.
  • It is another kitchen gadget to store. I am going to make a conscious effort it doesn’t become destined to the cupboard where things don’t really come out of (shhh don’t tell Marie Kondo fans this..). Though of course I would look at the EasiYo maker and tell you it did bring me joy with the delicious yogurt!


    If you are a big yogurt fan, love delicious things to eat then I would recommend you give it a try.

There are some great offers on the EasiYo Uk website to get you started with a yogurt maker and three sachets and a lunch taker from £18.99.

You can also find out more by popping over to EasiYo can also be found in some high street stores..



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