Review – Autumn Tea’s by The Tea Makers London

Clocks now have gone back, there is no hiding that the summer is definitely behind us now! Though we have been spoilt with some gorgeous warm and sunny day’s, which has been a real treat.

November has brought a chill in the air. With our heating kicking itself on, on its own accord! It is time to get cosy and what better way than some warming tea’s filled with flavour and warming spices.

As the last 6 months or so I have dropped caffeine to just two cups a day, I was pleased that these teas are caffeine free or low caffeine of green tea.

I was sent: Sweet Ginger Surprise, Lemon Waffle Dream, Apple and Ginger, Turmeric Blend and Spiced Chocolate Delight. All were gorgeous tea’s to look at. Making them look so tempting before you even smelled or tried them.

Sweet Ginger Surprise

I love all things gingery and the Sweet Ginger Surprise did not disappoint. You often wonder when something has the word surprise, what the surprise is. In this tea’s case, I think it is pineapple. Though if I had not read the ingredients, I may not have guessed it. The pineapple pieces gave it a sweet taste that was not too sweet. The tea itself is very pretty. It smells less of ginger that it actually tastes. Which is usually the other way around. So, I was very pleasantly surprised that the ginger flavour was how ginger should taste. This is a warm and zingy tea with a gentle sweetness that did not offend my taste buds which are not keen on sweet drinks!

Lemon Waffle Dream

Lemon I mainly think of as summer flavour. So I was intrigued if Lemon Waffle Dream would be a warming you up inside kind of tea! For some reason, despite loving lemon, I left this one to last to try. Not being convinced the flavour would shout Autumn and give me that cosy Hygge feeling I crave this time of year.

It took me by surprise as I really loved it! Despite it does have a very fresh taste, it also felt warm too. Yes, I know all tea is warm….well if you don’t get distracted and leave it to cool but wintery tea’s with added spices are just what I call warming inside! Anyhow, this one did not have extra spices but somehow it hit the right notes. I loved the lemon verbena flavour that came through. This tea smelled and good as it tasted. It also had a lemon dessert flavour which was very nice! There were a few added ingredients in there I was not so sure of within a tea. My natural palette would rather purely natural teas out of choice.

Apple and Ginger

This was 75% green tea, so green tea fans will love it. I confess to struggle to get on with green tea. There are a few I have but generally, I am not a green tea fan. This Apple and Ginger tea did have lovely apple and ginger flavours but for me, the green tea took away from the enjoyment.

Totally down to personal taste. I would love to like green tea as it is so good for you. But for some reason, it gives me a headache so I tend to avoid it.

Turmeric Blend

With a mix of turmeric root, ginger, cocoa peel, aniseed, fennel, blackberry leaves and vanilla. I was sure this would be a winner with me. Turmeric is super good for you and the colour of the tea as you can see showed the turmeric goodness was going to be consumed.

I totally loved the Turmeric Blend. It was major hygge/cosy warming. It felt a tea that was not only enjoyable but good for you. It was such an enjoyable flavour that I would happily drink it every day. Perfect day or night as again caffeine free.

Spiced Chocolate Blend

Chocolate is often more associated with coffee than tea. This blend uses Rooibos tea which is naturally caffeine free and my caffeine free swap actually. It was a perfect combo to the cocoa peel which at 29.5% gave a deep chocolate colour and a chocolate flavour that was very adult! The spices, fennel, coriander and cardamom gave a wonderful background flavour. I tried this just on its own and with a splash of milk. Both were really enjoyable.

Spiced Chocolate Blend would be a perfect afternoon, after dinner or evening cuppa. Much healthier than a hot chocolate but still with a chocolate taste.

The Tea Makers London also sent me a Zenshi glass teapot to enjoy brewing my tea even more. It has a glass infuser that stops all but the smallest particles of tea from ending up in your cup. It also has a coil filter which is perfect if you are using flowering tea’s which The Tea Makers London also sell.

It was lovely to be able to see the colour of the tea in the pot whilst it was brewing.

The Tea Makers London have a wide selection of teaware and a huge selection teas. I think these Autumn inspired teas are perfect to enjoy on colder days. I enjoyed them all apart from my dislike to green tea, but my favourites were the Turmeric Blend and the Spiced Chocolate Delight. Both of these ticked all the warm and cosy elements I think a good Autumn drink should have!

On sunny Autumn days it is lovely to wrap up and enjoy a cuppa outside. It was perfect to make them an extra special tea with this gorgeous selection. Above is the Spiced Cholate Dream, which as you can see has a gorgeous dark chocolate rich colour. Perfect served with a biscuits, some squares of chocolate or a piece of cake. We need cake now the summer has left us!

Thank you for sending me the tea’s Jess.



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