This being my first ever tag on a post thank you @Erica and  host of link Major Love of Film I am a little well nervous but here goes……..

Who do I respect and how do I show it?

For me I like to think that I respect everyone, now lower those eyebrows and I will tell you.

When I first meet someone whether in the real world or the virtual would why wouldn’t I respect them. I would have no reason not to so I naturally do and with that I well mostly get respect back.

Respect and admiration sometimes gets confused, for me respect is to take into account other people feelings I guess to treat them well how I would like to be treated so in return again mostly I get that back.

Now in this world there are a lot of people that would have lost my respect and this would be mainly due to lack of respect for others feelings or not taking into account others. For me if people are like that then they will not get my respect and I would not waste my time on them until of course they earned it back.

Which brings me on to the good old saying ‘You got to earn respect’. When you meet someone you don’t know what has happened to them, what is going on in there life or how they are feeling, so why should I want them to earn my respect?

I think if we all respect each other we would all be a lot happier. I respect my children and they respect me. I respect my friends, neighbours (except my next door ones and they lost my respect along time ago!),colleagues, my customers and clients, people in shops, people I meet out and about and of course not forgetting my Husband ( he will laugh or choke at that one!). But all joking apart if we can’t respect each other how can we expect to be respected ourselves?

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