Pudsey Bear Cupcakes


We all know that one of the most popular ways of raising money especially when in comes to children is cakes. So it is great that Allinson Flour has teamed up with Asda to donate 15p per bag sold of every special Pudsey pack of Allinson Nature friendly plain and self-raising flour for children in need. The special packs have Pudsey Bear on them and also the recipe to make these delicious Pudsey Bear Cupcakes. Which means of course not only do your donate via buying the flour but make the cakes and sell them and we can be making a great donation to the children in need fund.

To find out how to make these totally cute and so saleable cakes pop over to Baking Mad website where your also find some great other recipes too.

Who could resist!

We were sent some of the ingredients to make these cupcakes, including some Allinsons self-raising flour. Which although as such is not part of this post I do have to say this flour gave the lightest and best risen cupcakes I think I have ever made!!! My other ingredients were from Silver Spoon which is a brand that is always in my baking cupboard.

My guys got stuck in to decorating the Pudsey Cupcakes which of course they enjoyed doing. I enjoyed it too!!!

Ours ended up looking like this, perhaps not so perfect but equally saleable (well nearly!)


My children happily raided their piggy banks to buy a cake from me, so minutes after finishing we have £3 to donate to children in need. With some more cakes to sell I think we can raise a bit more don’t you???

If you’re not doing a cake sale, how about baking some of these gorgeous cakes and inviting friends and neighbours in for a cuppa and a cake in exchange for a donation for Children in Need. A great cause and a reminder of how lucky our children are. x

Thank you Nancy for sending us some of the ingredients. We think they look great and we hope to earn a little bit more money to donate to Children in Need.

Find out here on the BBC website how you can donate and pay in any money raised for Children in Need.



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