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Now it has cooled down a bit I have no excuse not to be back in the roof!!! Boy it got hot up there, even with leaving the hatch open all night the mornings were do an hour or so then get out!

This was great to be honest as an hour of wading through stuff was more than enough at a time. It is Thursday now, sorry I am telling myself not you. I mentally thought by the end of this week the roof will be done. Please note I mentally thought this and didn’t sign a contract or anything silly like that!!!

4 weeks on Friday we move out, yep just 4 weeks! Being given a long exchange to completion date gives you the danger that there is not the same urgency as say out in 1 week!!! So you relax a bit, actually do some work and some regular house work. You become friends again with the toilet brush and the oven may even get turned on for some baking. Then you realise that 10 days have passed already so you get your sorting pants back on again. I don’t actually wear sorting pants  and if I did I haven’t completely taken them off.

The roof 2
This is now all sorted – Tick

This week we have another six bags for charity, four bags of rubbish and a huge bag of clothes plus two cuddly bunnies to our neighbours two girls. On Saturday we did a car boot sale with a profit of around £60 after the hefty £7 for the pleasure of it! As usual we stood there practically giving the stuff away with people worrying whether they would regret spending that 50p on a Star Wars model, yep true story! Not I am laughing at 50p it does all add up but he did stand there with a bag full of quite frankly tat. I guess the most amazing thing was he asked if it was from the original film, yes we often sell original film stuff from one of the most loved series of  films ever made for FIFTY PENCE!!!

Yep car boots bring in a bit of cash, which we handed over to the kids as it was mainly their stuff but boy do you get some people buying! Bex and Oscar are doing pretty well they must be a good £100 up but then I think what was spent over the years and well it best not to think that way, right?! Ebay brings its mixed blessing and with the joy of expensive postal prices I think less and less are buying there. But when the bids come in some surprise you and others you are like that really only went for that.

With all the slightly lighter stuff above came one photo album that had me in tears. My beautiful dog Josh, my 17th birthday present, an album with pictures just showing how much he linked our family together. Just how important he was and the fact once upon a time he most probably saved my life. A post that brought more tears was written in my head and that is so far that when it stays. I hope to get it typed up because part of this is not just clearing up the clutter and sorting it really is a bit more.

But moving on swiftly, today is cooler. A charity shop run is in order and yes there is more sorting to do. The roof remains several boxes of photo’s, a box of memories from the kids and maybe a bag or box of odd’s and ends. We all know we can’t just pack up a boxes of photo’s without taking a peek so today I will take tissues to the roof.

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