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Prepare to get Cheesy

I am going to get cheesy this week and no I am not getting my old records out.

This week celebrates British Cheese Week and I am all for a good bit of British cheese. Growing up in Bath my Grandad regularly took us to a cheese farm near Cheddar to buy our cheese. Where I can remember feeling so special trying all these different cheddars and even more special having a taste of the rough cider, but that is another story!!!

No mild rubbery stuff for us, sometimes it was knock your socks of kind of Cheddar, but it gave me the love for a proper piece of cheese. Though hands up for me I don’t always achieve buying such stuff.

We do use lots of cheese, gasp I hear you  say ‘cholesterol’ (actually I have lower than average cholesterol but..). I use cheese a lot in cooking and cheese is also favourite especially with Oscar.

I think tastes can be passed down and as my Grandad passed the love of a proper cheese to my dad and then to me and now particularly Oscar has a really good taste for good cheese.

I also love to do cheeses as a meal, served with salad, chutneys, dips and cheese biscuits, it is surprisingly filling. This is a favourite meal of Oscar’s, a great way also to get fussier children to try more things too. Oscar asked for this as a meal for his birthday supper this year.

For me it is a relaxed kind of meal, everything laid out on the table to help yourself. A meal you can just take your time over and enjoy. So that means lots more time at the table for chatting. Yes mouths full and crumbs flying just to break the illusion of the sophicated meal you might of thought I was having!!!

But when all is said and done it is a happy meal so that is why I will be getting cheesey here this week.

There will be cheese, accompaniments (sounds so posh) that you will not want to miss for your Christmas cheese board. A fab tip to store cheese and a surprising result for a lower fat cheese which I usually would avoid.

Now after all that talk of cheese I head to the fridge!!!

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4 Responses to "Prepare to get Cheesy"

  1. Wendy says:

    Mmm, I love cheese as well. None of your mild ‘taste of nothing’ stuff though for me – the stronger and stinkier the better! Nothing beats a wedge of blue Stilton on crackers…..

    1. Ali says:

      Mmmm I love a bit of stilton cheese too though would draw the line at Stinking Bishop which stinks beyond belief and the smell lingers in the fridge for days after it has left as well. Proper cheddar ‘mild and taste of nothing’ I think you been eating the wrong stuff there :-) !!!

  2. Cheese as a meal sounds brilliant and more importantly easy! I love it! x

    1. Ali says:

      It is easy and always left overs so you can repeat it (pardon the pun!) the next day if you like! :-) x

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