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I planned to have a ‘I am still 39’ party the weekend before my birthday. As we were coming home from holiday that day it was a bit tricky!

Being me, I didn’t want my party a couple of days after my birthday as I would spend my actual birthday stressing what I had to get done.

So Oscar’s party and then birthday came first and now this weekend it is my turn.

I am sure I have a little Italian in me as my nature is to feed people. Oh I looked at good old Marks and Spencer but the inner me said no.

I won’t go mega mad but I will make sure everyone has some yummy food made mostly by my fair hands. My children keep saying “It’s your party Mum, you shouldn’t be making the food” but the ‘Oh I must feed my friends good food’ in me says yes I should be the one making the food. No offence lovely husband!!!

Add to the fact all their children are coming too. Thing is my guys will be up and about so it seemed a bit silly that everyone else had to get babysitters. With the youngest of the children being nearly 8 and the oldest being nearly 17 it should all be alright, shouldn’t it?

A slight assurance that I don’t get too drunk and make a fool of myself while singing and boogie on down (yeah so 80’s!) to some music I am convinced I listened to in my teens.

I now need to google the songs to remind me, I feel the Phil Collins I listened to (shhh) will get boo’ed down. Maybe I will play safe with some cluby music enjoyed by my sister and I when we were in our 20’s though will that make me get on the table and dance. Not quite so agile than I was in those days and yes I would truly embarrass the children!!!

I used to hate Durran Durran and sorry Boy George too. Wham made me want to “wham” someone. All those men looking like girls those sort of bands, uhhh yuk!!!

Anyway at my party ‘I won’t let the sun go down on me!’ sorry all you younger people reading, Nick Kershaw by the way. No didn’t really like that either though I did have the single.

Flicking through my 90’s C.D’s I realise that some of my friends would have only been Bex’s age so may look at the music with a raise eyebrow but hey ‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’. No I don’t have that C.D I would like to add and hopefully there be no crying.

Anyway what am I doing here, when I have got food to prepare, a house to tidy, a table to shift to make a dance floor so I can totally embarrass my children with my slick (!) moves and a music play list to sort out.

Party is today starts around 8 ish so any music suggestions just let me know and I will do a boogie and think of you 🙂 with a bit of personal D.J ing and this one is dedicated too….

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