Pancake helpers from OXO + Recipe

Yes we know it is Pancake day next Tuesday. I am sure it is usually in February but it is a late Easter this year, I am sure there is an explanation why they move it every year other than to confuse us!

oxo-pancakesAnyway arrived in the post yesterday was some pancake helpers from OXO.

What is the flipping hardest thing about making pancakes, yes the flipping of course! So I was rather impressed with OXO New flip and fold omelette flipper. It does actually making flipping them over easier with it wide silicone head. It is easy to get underneath so perfect for that moment when you are not quite sure whether it is ready or not to flip. A simple glide under the pancake with this useful utensil then you know it is ready to flip. With the head being longer in length than a regular spatula means it is more suitable for things like pancakes, Quesadallis (a favourite here) and omelette of course.

I usually use a metal fish slice type ‘thing’ which pancake mix can get stuck to sometimes but the silicone had no such problems I am pleased to report!

The second pancake helper was OXO Batter Dispenser I was less sure of the benefits of this to be honest. I usually use a ladle for the pancake mix so was interested to see what this dispenser could offer other than something else to wash up! As they just arrived yesterday I have only tried it out with the recipe below which I chose to be more like Scotch pancakes for a change! The dispenser was perfect for these and made it really easy to have uniform sizes.

The batter dispenser has a wide neck to make it easy to fill and you just gently squeeze it out with ease of controlling the flow of the batter. It has a strong lid which acts as a stand so between cooking pancakes you just pop the dispenser on the stand all ready for the next pancake. But the other thing I really like was it is also perfect for storing batter all ready to go in your fridge. We sometimes have left over batter when the kids have friends to sleepover I make a  double batch which is just a bit too much.

I will be using this now the kids have falling in love with the recipe that is going to follow as they would be perfect after school treats so I could make the batter ready to go for later and store in the fridge. Even more perfect getting it ready for a snack after a walk at the weekends. So the end opinion on both this product were they certainly have a place in my kitchen for the ease of  pancake making.  You can also use the dispenser for cake batter so will give this a go too!

To try these out as I mentioned we went Scotch! Always liking the kids input they decided we go with Chocolate & Orange flavour and Blueberry & Lemon. Both recipes we used the same batter then added the extra ingredients as they cooked.

oxo-toppingsTo make these rather scrummy but very easy Scotch Pancakes that makes 8 pancakes you will need:

140g Plain Flour

1 tsp Baking Powder

2 tbls Castor Sugar

130ml Milk

1 egg

2 tbls melted butter

Depending on the pan you are using you may need a little extra melted butter for the pan

For the flavour you will need:

Blueberry & Lemon needs:

Some blueberries

Zest of 1 lemon

Chocolate & Orange needs:

Chocolate I used a small packet of chocolate buttons (minus a few chef’s privilege!) which I broke up into smaller bits. Chocolate drops/chunks would be great too!

Zest of 1 orange

To make the batter simply:

Sieve the flour and baking power into a bowl.

Stir in the sugar

Make a well in the middle and add you egg and milk then using an electric whisk, whisk until you have a smooth batter.

As I was using the batter dispenser I place the batter into it ready for use.

  • Heat a frying/pancake pan over a medium to high heat. Depending on how non-stick your pan is you may need to brush it will a little melted butter.
  • Add small amount so of batter to the pan. Remember these are Scotch pancakes so are smaller but rise so are thicker. Quickly add your chosen flavours by scattering them over the top.
  • When you start to see small bubbles appearing flip your pancake about 1-2 minutes and cook on the other side for about 30 seconds.


These are really fast cooking and were eaten with relish by Bex and Oscar. What was interesting was neither of them wanted any extra topping at all. I think they would be lovely with a squeeze of lemon or orange in the case of the orange and chocolate ones. Both flavours were a real hit though Oscar favourite was the blueberry & Lemon ones, Bex liked them equally the same.

They will be made again very soon I can tell you!


The OXO Flip and Fold Omelette Turner RRP is £8

The OXO Batter Dispenser RRP is £7.99

These are a small part of OXO’s Good Grip range which are available from Lakeland, Amazon, John Lewis, Kitchen shops and many other outlets.

A few bloggers have been ask to come up with pancake recipes. Though mine are quite simple idea’s they went down a storm here and of course were easy to make!

To see what other people have made search the twitter hashtag #oxoukpancakeday

I would like to thank Zara for sending me these pancake helpers which were both indeed a help!

Disclosure: I have been sent the above items to review this has not affected my views. The recipe is my own with the kids input of course!










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