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Oz’s spicy pork parcels

Oz and spicy pork parcels

Oz pleased with his fab cooking efforts!

Oz has been back in the kitchen, as I said after I posted his double chocolate and orange cookie recipe he had penciled out a few recipes idea’s. This time it was a supper idea, one I could only half part take it but his idea was good and gluten-free pastry has me in tears sometimes!

What I love about this recipe is Oscar thought of all the flavours to go in and what would work. We hit a dilemma when we found we had no tomato puree, so he went on a hunt in the cupboards and found a forgotten sachet of Blue Dragon sweet and sour sauce instead.

I think it is great when kids get stuck in, in the kitchen after all we all have to eat and learning to cook and think up new recipes has got to be a good learning experience, don’t you think?

Oscar is 12 now so I am happy for him to do most of this on his own which he did. Obviously I keep a close eye on him around the hot things! I have written the instructions more child/pre-teen friendly.

So here is Oz’s very own flavour combination to make:

6 Spicy Pork Parcels

You will need:

500g Pork Mince

2 medium onion finely chopped

I red pepper or 1 courgette finely chopped

2 garlic cloves crushed

Fresh ginger peeled grated about 1cm

1 red chilli finely chopped

Zest of 1 lemon

1 teaspoon of honey

2 -3 tablespoons of tomato puree (or like Oz’s improvised recipe a sachet of Blue Dragon sweet and sour sauce

A handful of chopped parsley or fresh coriander chopped

A little of oil

6 sheets of filo pastry (defrosted if frozen)

Melted butter for glazing the filo pastry

To make the spicy pork parcels you need to:

  • Oz cooking the spicy minceHeat the oil and add your chopped onions, fry for a few minutes until they feel soft.
  • Add your pepper or courgettes to onions and cook for another few minutes until they are softening too.
  • Now add your mince meat. When you put it in break it with your spatula for even cooking. Cook until there is no pink (raw meat) left. Keep the mince meat moving in the pan for even cooking.
  • Add your ginger, garlic and chilli cook for 2 minutes. Now add the honey, lemon zest tomato puree or sweet and sour sauce and cook on a lower heat for 15 minutes to let the flavours mingle then turn off the heat. Add the fresh herbs and give them a stir. They will cook with the heat off and keep their flavour better.
  • Lightly grease a baking tray and preheat your oven
  • Now for some fun with the wonders of filo pastry. Careful handling is needed with this delicate pastry but it is worth it for the lovely crispy, light texture and *shh professional results it will give!
  • Oscar decided to make triangles but you could do squares, rectangles or even little bag parcels. What ever shape you want to end up with make a double sized version of it. Remember that filo is delicate but flexible for shaping so as long as your parcels have their spicy pork hidden and tucked well inside they will come out tasty!
  • Oz Filling the parcelsAs you are making your chosen shape lightly brush your filo pastry layers with melted butter. When you are ready for filling as you can see Oscar has placed the filling on one half of the pastry. Leave a 1.5 cm edge around the filling so you can seal your parcel. Brush melted butter around on the edges then fold the pastry side without the filling over to make your parcels. Pressed down well to seal then place on baking tray and brush the outside with more melted butter for a golden top.
  • If you want to make little bag parcels use still one sheet and fold it to make a square using melted butter in between the layers. Put your filling in the middle. Brush the butter of the pastry with melted butter then pull all the edges together into the middle. Think of a bag of gold shape and make a  neck to the bag and press gently to seal. Brush with melted butter for a golden finish.
  • Now pop in the oven a cook for 15 minutes or until golden in colour and lovely and crispy. Ask a grown up to help or watch you get them out of the oven using oven gloves.
  • Serve up we had our with a shredded salad and watch while everyone enjoys them and are impressed with your fab efforts!









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4 Responses to "Oz’s spicy pork parcels"

  1. Doreen says:

    Well done, Oscar!! They sound delicious! Will definitely have a go at these! xx

    1. Ali says:

      They look good don’t they! He was really pleased with them and enjoyed by all! x x x

  2. 76sunflowers says:

    Mmm they sound rather nice. Now that’s a bit I am looking forward to as the years fly by…tea cooked for me, a cuppa brought to me in bed. Am I dreaming?!

    1. Ali says:

      No, not dreaming at all ;) that is if you don’t mind the extra mess to clear up after! :-)

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