homemade easy chocolate ice cream

Oscar’s easy chocolate orange ice cream

After Oscar’s success with his ‘Banana and Custard ice lollies’ here, Oz decided to work on some new flavour combinations. So we actually made chocolate orange ice lollies. These got big thumbs up from 3 of us but there was complaints from the ‘Dad’ of the house that they had too many ice crystals in!!! So with the fact the flavour we had so easily achieved was totally and an extra totally delicious I thought we make it into ice-cream. Now we don’t have an ice-cream maker so for those that do this is super, super easy for those that don’t it is still is easy but a little more time-consuming but worth it I promise.

Of course for those that are not as fussy as my husband (!) then just pop the mix in ice lolly moulds, for those that went to Britmums you can give it a go in the lollies moulds you were given 🙂

This recipe makes 1 litre or just over of ice cream (reduce the amount of custard for ice-lollies and use just 150g of chocolate or you have rather a lot)

Oscar’s easy chocolate orange ice cream

You will need:
chocolate orange ice cream recipe

1 litre of custard (we used Ambrosia as it was on special offer and it’s yummy!)

2 x 150g of plain chocolate (we used Asda smartprice which is 35p and is totally brilliant in all cooking)

The zest and juice of one large orange

In our first attempt with the lollies we used a proper zester so you had fine strips of zest. This was another complaint from the fussy one (!) so with the ice-cream we finely zested it on a zesty bit of the grater. Personally I think the strips of zest make it a bit ‘posher’ but….

You you need to simply:children cooking


Melt your chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water

Remove from heat

Add custard to the melted chocolate, stir really well

Add the zest and juice and stir until everything is all mixed up.

At this point enjoy a sniff (it smells gorgeous) and leave to cool

If you have an ice-cream maker well now the time to let it do it stuff. I confess I have no idea how an ice-cream maker works so it may have already needed to do some stuff but your know that!!! 🙂

If you are like us and don’t then now is the time to get a container which has to be big enough to hold 1 litre. Learn by my mistakes and use if possible a shallow container (we used a thin high container which took ages to start to freeze). This will save on freezing time and make the stirring bit much easier.

Pop in the freezer and freeze for 90 minutes. Now it should have ice crystals forming around the edge. Give it a good and through stir and pop back in the freezer for another 90 minutes. Repeat this twice more and then voila you will have the most yummiest ice cream.

homemade easy chocolate ice creamPop into a cone if liked and enjoy. We totally loved these flavours so we hope you do to.



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