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Off to Bath

Bex and I are off to Bath for four nights today. Although I am looking forward to it, I am equally not as I am leaving Oscar behind.

Oscar being more quiet than Bex, I know he will be happier staying at home and hanging out with his Dad. Though a climb into my bed last night and a “Do you have to go?” makes me typing this feeling worse than I probably was going too.

Keeping everyone happy is always a hard balancing act isn’t it. I will leave miserable looking dogs and not forgetting my lovely husband (!) had to say that. A son who will miss his cuddles, but I will have a happy daughter who can’t wait to see her Uncle, Auntie and cousins.

Of course I don’t mention me, well of course it will be lovely to see everyone, but I will miss all at home, especially Oscar’s cuddles. Four days isn’t too long is it?

I hoping to catch up with a old friend who I have not seen since Bex was a baby. Lunch on Sunday will be with my Dad too, and will hopefully see my Great Auntie who is a big 93 this year and it will be really lovely to see her.

My brother has re-tiled the bathrooms just for me(!), I am joking the ‘just for me’ but no doubt he will make out it is all for me. I believe I am sleeping in a bunk bed the first since I was about 8, I  bagsy the bottom bunk. Which is just as well as Bex said I might fall through the top one (thanks Bex).

I am hoping the weather is kind so we can get out and about, breathe in some City smoke or escape somewhere for some fresh air. I know Bex will be busy with the boys, she is a great cousin and family is her middle name.

I will take my kindle but probably won’t have time (energy) to read and the laptop will be packed just in case I get a chance but again……

So I have a case to sit on and a few bits (lots) to do before we are off on the train and lots of cuddles to give before we go too!

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2 Responses to "Off to Bath"

  1. Have a lovely time in Bath. I haven’t been there in years. Don’t worry about Oscar, he can have some quality time with his Dad. I was away from my daughter recently for four nights. It wasn’t particularly easy but it did the two of us a lot of good and being reunited with her was absolutely amazing. Have fun with Bex. She’ll be thrilled to have you to herself for a while!

    1. Ali says:

      Thank you Rosie, we had a lovely time and Oscar had a great time too. Bex and I also had lovely time meeting up with old friends of mine, we went for coffee/milkshake with one and we were all chatting just like we were 3 friends together, nice times :-)

      But lovely to be back home, huge hugs and cuddles at the train station and even more at home. Your right though Rosie it does do them good, it’s just where to go next?!!! X

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