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Newquay Zoo – Family days out

We were lucky enough to get a free family ticket to visit Newquay Zoo to let you know about great family days outkindly donated by MoneySuperMarket who are worth checking out for their Day’s out vouchers to get great savings to make a great day out more affordable.

So with great excitement our tickets arrived. Bex now 13 and Oscar 11 hadn’t been to Newquay Zoo for quite a while. We used to go a lot when they were little as it really was a great way to spend some family time together. Newquay Zoo is smaller than some but perfectly formed.

We decided we would hold out for a sunny day and one Sunday in December the sun did decide to newquay zoo entranceshine brightly so an earlier than usual Sunday get up for Bex (why do teenagers love to stay in bed?!!!) we set off. As it was out of season the Zoo was quite quiet, perfect I thought!!!

As you walk in you are welcomed by the site of Lemur Island. They are in a very natural habitat and for me I could watch their cuteness for ages. Like us they were still warming up, so their cuddled up faces were even sweeter. One of the Zoo Keepers was going over to check on them in their indoor bit which a black swan decided he didn’t like this and got a bit cross. The Keeper shut the door behind him, the black Swan waited, we waited, then thought we better go and see some more animals. Glancing back the keeper remained in the shed!!!

I am not a route follower, I like looking at the map and drifting to what take’s our fancy so it looked like there was going to be a chat about some of their monkeys. I confess usually I don’t bother about the information chats on such trips, my attention span sometimes drifts then you end up not looking interested or you look over interested and a little bit strange. But as I wanted to tell you about it and everyone else wanted to take a listen we did. It was really interesting, I learnt if a monkey looks at you for a long time unlike a human this doesn’t mean they like you, it means they are contemplating attacking you!!! If however it shows you it’s bum well you are in there!!! There was lots of other interesting facts but my brain has chosen to selectively remember only those ones for you!!!

Newquay Zoo do lots for Conservation and research and these monkeys were part of one of their projects. This for me is one of the big plus points of the Zoo.

Feeling slightly cold we headed to the ‘Hot House’ for a warm up. In there it has lots of facts and questions which Oscar really enjoyed. Bex and I headed upstairs where you have a tree top view of what a small part of the rainforest looks like. Sloths were sleeping and really close to see, bats hanging and lots of birds just freely enjoying their little part of the rain forest. It’s nice place, and we hung out in there for quite a while, looking and chatting not only because it was warm in there just because it was nice.

Newquay Zoo hot house
Newquay Zoo hot house

So off we left the warmth to see the cheeky Meerkats, the cold looking penguins, the playful otters in the little Japanese garden and lots more. Then it was time for a play, yes I am talking about me. Off to the jungle obstacle area which we had to ourselves. Just as well as I clambered, fell and generally amused the kids at my expense of course. I did let Bex, Oscar and Cam have a go too, after all we are looking for family days out aren’t we?

After several repeat performances down the tube slide we decided a hot drink was in order. Hands wrapped around gorgeous hot chocolate with all the extra’s added for Bex and Oscar and cappuccino’s for Cam and I. They did little pots of sweets for a £1 which I thought was a good idea and bought for an extra treat.

Eating out on days out can be pricey. Newquay Zoo have lots of freshly made goodies on their menu. Not hugely priced but not budget either. There is plenty of places to sit and have picnics which I generally think us savvy Mums think of, or we mentally put back ex amount of money for food.

I could go on for ages here what else we saw but you know, I would like you to take a look yourself and go.

Newquay Zoo has a great feel about it, it is not huge, it is not over commercial but basically it makes for a great day out and you don’t even need to walk through the gift shop to exit!!! But if you do they have some great and non-tacky gifts which the profits all get ploughed into running the Zoo and the conservation projects. We came out with one penguin, one bear and two sticks of rock with a few pennies left from a £10 note.

I am hoping that swan has let the Zoo Keeper out……

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Thank you MoneySuperMarket for sending us tickets it was EPIC!!! (Yes, yes I just had to!!!)

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