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National Picnic Week

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It is national picnic week this week and being a rather picnic fan thought I would celebrate it.

In true British fashion so far we only have had one nice sunny day, which was my original idea for a review post how we can just think yep it is a nice day lets go for a picnic.

At the age of about 8 I had a lovely picnic basket although made of plastic it contained all the plates and cups you needed for a child sized picnic. I really loved this and can clearly remember how brilliant it was to have a basket full of food and drink.

We used to have regular picnic’s, not having a very big garden and living sandwiched between two parks it was quite the norm to have lunch in the park.

Now living in Cornwall our picnic’s tend to be at the beach, where in the Summer (when it is nice) we take supper on the beach. Mind, you are just as likely to find me not having the whole picnic thing but taking a flask of hot chocolate and some cake to the beach on a Sunday morning in January.

If it is raining, a picnic in the house is rather nice and still get out any picnic ware and rug to make it feel like a real picnic.

My children usually request a picnic Christmas supper on Christmas night and usually repeated on Boxing day. Which not only is yummy but fun too !

I am not the most organised person so I have been trying out a few things to make picnic run smooth with what I call the tools for a great picnic.

For the Summer I am now going to keep all my picnic plates etc and containers in the one bag so I can sweep it up make a easy picnic and go. As I think picnic’s creates lots of happy memories.

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