My Sunday is going to be……

We have woken up to a sunny Sunday, so my Sunday is mostly going to be……

Walking the dogs.

Here is Murphy posing, it’s sunny today but a little windy so Murphy is looking a little windswept!!!

Planting herbs.

I have been dearly neglecting my other herbs and they are looking a bit sad, so I have treated myself to a few new ones. Which no matter how busy I am I must remember to water.

Enjoying the garden.

This no doubt won’t involve sitting in the garden with a cup of tea or something stronger. Once the lawn is cut it will no doubt involve a game of
something with Bex and Oscar.


Burying the rabbit.

No picture here, no I won’t be doing it. Dead animals and me don’t go. At over 7 she did well for a little rabbit and no suffering was involved. Unlike my herbs she wasn’t neglected and lead a rather hoppy life. This job will be done when I am out walking the dogs. Thank you Cam !

Bex is making apple crumble for pudding which will follow the roast, (I am not going to do any sick rabbit jokes here)

A bike ride along the Camel Trail before that will make sure we have a appetite for that.

So that is the plan, what are you up to? I didn’t mention all the washing, cleaning etc to be done but let’s not detract from having a nice Sunday.


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