Rock 2013

My dogs, pets and Petplan

Despite having my own 50 shades of brown on our kitchen floor, a utility room with its own personal pile of mud and the reason that last year I rocked the ‘drowned rat’ look of fashion, I wouldn’t be without our dogs.

Rock 2013
Our dogs at Rock at the weekend with Oscar and yes we did have lots of sand to sweep up after!!!

Always there when we need a cuddle, be it sometimes slightly smelly! They more than often raise a smile when you least feel like smiling. Lottie does her daily roll in the garden, then everyday looks up to the kitchen window with her face looking like she has applied camouflage to herself with a cheeky look that you can’t help smiling at. They get us out at least twice a day to enjoy fresh air we might not have otherwise enjoyed. Always a great excuse for a family walk and family time, and the list of course goes on.

It is no wondered we like to provide the best care for them that we can afford. After all we have a lot to thank them for. Which is why Petplan offers plans that 9/10 vets promote and a big 90% of their customers renew their policy with them every year. Meaning with a plan like that you can relax knowing that if your pet has an accident or becomes ill you have it covered.

Take a look at Petplan’s latest advert. If you are a pet lover I bet you say ‘ahhhhh’ at the very least 5 times!!!

Petplan has been helping pet owners for 36 years. According to Mintel Petplan have helped more pets through accidents and illness than any other U.K pet insurers.

You can find Petplan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @PetplanUK

To get a quote for your pet insurance visit Petplan

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