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Morrisons M Kitchen

So the Winter is coming, going out is not always quite so appealing and getting a babysitter sometimes is a achievement in itself. But as much as we might love to cook and I really do, just sometimes it great to have something, well prepared for you.

I can’t offer you a chef in your house but Morrisons can offer you Neil Nugent, Pierre Koffman and Atul Kochhar who have introduced exciting new dishes from the M Kitchen Bistro.

All you need to do is add some heat, lay the table, maybe even light some candles then enjoy a chef prepared meal at home .

Or you could always just eat it on your lap in front on the T.V, the choice is yours!!!

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2 Responses to "Morrisons M Kitchen"

  1. English Mum says:

    I popped in to a Morrisons for the first time ever recently when I was away from home. I really liked it and thought the food and choice was really good. I was especially impressed with the deli. I think I’ll be going there for a big shop a bit more often. Plus, occasionally we’ll buy an Indian ready made meal rather than spend four times as much on a takeaway and I LOVE Atul Kochhar! x

    1. Ali says:

      They do have a great choice, before I was gluten free I used to love their bread. You could save a fortune on a ready meal versus a take away. I love the look of the Indian, perhaps one to order when you have another teen all nighter!!! x

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