Monday Mutters – New year overwhelm


I have to confess so far the New Year just is not grabbing me. I feel totally unsettled and I am not sure why. You know the way you just can’t get on with anything, yet your mind is whirling with so many possibilities and things to do,well that…I guess it is called overwhelm.


So last week, I treasured evenings by the tree knowing it had to be taken down. There is no getting away from the fact,  the taking down of the tree signals Christmas is really over and more to the point so is the holiday. With the reality of the Christmas holiday is over, meant I need to get on with things and as usual signed up for this and that email to kick my arse into gear. Most get deleted without being read as quite frankly do I need more stuff to consider. Probably not! I must get my power pack of online people written up. All I get something from and they don’t ever get a delete! I also need to unsubscribe from all the other things I just delete!


I think this time of year, we feel we need to make big changes and decisions. It is all too easy to get swept up in it and with dam Facebook ads you are permanently thrown suggestions for this that and the other. Whether it is a de-cluttering course (may need this…but Facebook don’t judge me!), some super healthy miracle diet so you live till 200 and still look like a model or training to be a social media manager…what does Facebook know about me?! My head currently is like the weather yesterday morning rather foggy. I want a crisp and clear mind like the clear day one day last week at the top of this post.

I am let’s say a bit of a magpie and love to dabble in different things. I do get bored easily and really need to stop overloading myself with options. To be honest I think I need a good coaching session or 10 and clarify which direction I should be heading!

On Saturday I am off to do a whole day with a big group of strangers and meet one of my online power pack people.I am super excited and feel perhaps this is why I am feeling so unsettled. It is one of those meant to be things and I am looking forward to learning more of what I learned before Christmas. It is a personal thing and to some including my husband a little bit ‘woo woo’. But I have always liked to keep a open mind about everything and I can’t wait to share with you about it. You may well need to take your skeptical hat off though if you do wear one!


So trying to squash the unsettled feeling, I am reducing the amount of caffeine I have as this is just adding to it. So I treated myself to a couple of boxes of tea, both on offer in Tesco. I do love a pretty package, I am so easily sold to on visuals!  I love the Dragonfly Tea already.  I thought I would give Pukka Tea another go, so many people seem to love it. I have to say it goes no where near the flavour levels of Yogi Tea. The one’s I have tried from the box so far are nice but just don’t have such a flavour hit. With a herbal tea you really need that I think! Do you have a favourite caffeine free drink? Love to know as really want to reduce caffeine quite considerably this year.

Right on that note I am putting on the kettle of for a Earl Grey Rooibos tea! My day is pretty much mapped out for me with appointments and bus timetables (another thing I would love to reduce, use of public transport and get myself back in the car!). At least I don’t need to ponder what direction I need to go today…well I might as I sit on the bus!

Happy Monday everyone!


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