Monday Mutters – Meringues & teachers


It is funny in life how certain things stick in your head yet you don’t necessarily know it is there. Let’s bring on the meringues, a favourite of mine. Being gluten-free an excellent option for a pudding, so why oh why have I not made them since a teenager?

When we have meringues, I buy them depending what is on offer it either those very powdery ones or something a bit nicer but not epically better tasting to be honest. So why have I avoided making them as I am more than happy to tackle most recipes.

Until Saturday I didn’t know, then when I decided I would make some meringues to take to a dinner party as one of the guests could not eat any fat, it all came back to me.

Hence the teachers in today’s title. Yep, what people tell you, how people treat you can have a huge impression on what you tell yourself.

Apparently age 13 my meringues were not on point. As well as to be made to feel a bit of a failure it was also drummed into me to save that fact that meringues were very hard to master. My Home Economics’s teacher was not that nice to me. Ridiculously this had nothing to do with my usually pretty good cookery skills, she was also my sewing teacher too. Boy, I am very left handed and she could not teach me to use a sewing machine. Her fail, not mine as I decided to re-frame this thought on Saturday when my first ever piped meringues looked pretty splendid, not perfect but I was more than happy with them.

The meringues also tasted good too. Crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle and before even baking them, my discovery that some teacher had made me feel like meringues were a task to far for me, I added a bit of colour and some rose water. All very nice, thank you Mrs Hooper and the icing on the cake or the meringues on top was that everyone loved them and appreciated the thought of bringing them too.

Imagine, how my meringues would look if I had been making them all these years, I would be a master of meringues! I joke of course, the morale of the Monday Mutters is don’t let what someone said to you in the past restrict what you can and can not do. Yes, we are only talking meringues here today but I know some of the other beliefs I have told myself usually from impressions others have made, do stop me from doing things too.

We all have connections in our brain from memories and actually a lot of them can be re-written but only by you.

Whether it is meringues or something much bigger. What makes you stop and go no further and can you work out why?

Happy Monday x




4 comments on “Monday Mutters – Meringues & teachers

  1. 76sunflowers
    February 1, 2016 at 3:46 pm

    Hmmm not sure what my answer is to your question – maybe self doubt in a range of things but then instilling some self belief to get there?? But back to the meringues; you know I love them and always love to bake them -although never quite sure what to do with the egg yolks! I like to make a giant flat one then break it up to make a fruity Eton Mess! Not so good for your fat avoiding friend though – your friend that is avoiding the fat, I’m not calling your friend fat!! I’ll shut up now! x x

    • Ali
      February 7, 2016 at 10:01 am

      I found you in my spam box, how rude! Self doubt is definitely a factor, need to go re-wire some of my thoughts that is for sure. I think meringues will be hitting our household rather a lot…well I am making some today as the whole plate was taken out with me to share and the kids didn’t get a look in (not a popular move!).

      Yes the egg yolks, custard, mayonnaise,a really rich omelette?!! xx

  2. Michelle Twin Mum
    February 6, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Your meringues look fab and I should make some too as my Mum adores me. It makes me so cross that bad teachers can scare us and effect our choices in the future. I had one of those awful ones too. Mich x

    • Ali
      February 7, 2016 at 9:56 am

      Oh do, they are so scrummy I am sure your Mum would love that! I plan to make them again today 🙂
      Yes, some people should not choose teaching as a career but unfortunately too many do. Sorry you had an awful one too. xx

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