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Miss organised – Not!

Firstly I have never been organised, but now I really feel more than ever I need to be.

At the moment if I said I seem to be juggling at least 10 balls ( balls = important things that need attention) I would be underestimating by quite a long shot. With that in mind you can see why organisation could be a bit helpful in my life.

Today for example I wasted a good 45 minutes looking for something. How often do we (oh please don’t let me feel I am the only one!) do that?  How often have I thought I am not going to do that again, e.g put something in a strange and bizarre place and forget it and have I learnt? Well quite frankly no, the thing is do I just accept that this is me or do I try so hard to organise myself. Or would I then not be me?

You see my brain is a scramble and though I have ticked a good few jobs off the list this morning, especially the ones that loom over your head like a black cloud I still have several scraps of paper dotted around the house with things I need to do, get and think about.

I have several note books on the go also with jobs, idea’s, things to do for me. One note book is not enough, but here is the worse thing the note books have no order of contents they are just note books with a mix of different things in.

My sister will be reading this head in hands because she is organised and I mean organised. Where as me, well when they gave out that genes she got it all !!! Actually yes deep breathe lets think of it like that. Being disorganised is part of my genetic make-up, now if I think of it like that it seems so much better.

See how good is blogging, I have solved my own problem on a page.

Yes I am genetically disorganised but somehow I can wing it to look organised enough to the outside world so please don’t let on will you.

Right off to jot a few more things down, now where did I put that note book!

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6 Responses to "Miss organised – Not!"

  1. Jude says:

    Your notebooks sound exactly like mine – absolutely no order, with ideas etc. scribbled down as they come. My excuse is that such disorganisation is just the symptom of a creative mind!

    1. Ali says:

      Oh how did I forget that one, my case is even better now. A genetically and creative disorganised person, sounds pretty good to me.

  2. I waste chunks of my life looking for stuff. It does my head in and I think I am organised. I do have several notebooks and I almost always know where they are – I think.
    People rave about some of the smart phone apps to get organised….but I guess you’ve either go it or you haven’t and I suspect what you haven’t got in organisation your have in creativity in spades. X

    1. Ali says:

      Thank you Gemma that was lovely, and me too I really do hate it when I waste time looking for things but……I loved doing this post as I truly was going to be asking for any tips on how to be organised and then writing I thought no this me and well I am stuck with Miss Organised – Not and it really could be a whole lot worse!!! xxx

  3. Heather says:

    Not so much head in hands as rolling eyes!! Choose your battles – you’ll never win this one – you just can’t beat nature!! Love you for it though!! However today I was left wondering whether one could be TOO organised?! Anyway off to write my “to do” list for tomorrow (in my one and only pad) before retiring!!! xxx

    1. Ali says:

      One too organised, one too not organised but both lovely in our own ways :) One book would never be enough in my life as I would never find it and then I really would never know what I was doing but saying that nothing new there!!! xxxx

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