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Mini British Bake Off

Bex and I rather like to watch the British Bake Off series on the BBC. So after watching it on Tuesday both Bex and Oscar decided at the weekend to have a mini British Bake Off.  Armed with baking books to go up to bed with they decided on what they would be making.

Oscar decided on Meringue Critters and Bex decided on Iced Sprinkled Cookies.
So let  ‘ The Bake Off’ begin!

Oscar gets to grips with perfecting whisking egg whites.
Bex gets on with creaming the butter and sugar.
Getting the egg white and sugar to be ‘stiff and glossy’ takes longer than expected and the piping is a bit tricky!
Bex gets her dough into a soft ball.
Does ‘Mary’ usually do the tidying up???
Out of the oven. I know what ‘Paul’ would say “Slightly to higher oven temperture for those meringues!!!

The decorating can be the icing on the biscuit/meringue!!!

Baking time is up!!!
Looking good!!!

‘Mary’ and ‘Paul’ take a close look! But what are they thinking? Of course it has to be a Tie.
Fantastic baking from Bex and Oz.

Now to enjoy some of these goodies with a Cuppa!!!

By the way ‘Mary’ and ‘Paul’ are acted out me and my husband!!!

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4 Responses to "Mini British Bake Off"

  1. How lovely and what great fun! We love British Bake Off too :)

    1. Ali says:

      Yes it was fun and it was raining in the morning so was perfect!!! Yes it is a great programme, I can imagine you as a ‘Holly’ in the baking world x

  2. I love this, really made me smile, love the goodies they produced – but especially like the idea of you as Mary! how posh!

    1. Ali says:

      Thank you, actually it was all their idea which is kind of nice and the goodies they made were very yummy! :-) Indeed Gemma I was a fantastic Mary and I did ‘posh’ quite well even if I say so myself;-)!!!! x

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