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Merry Christmas x

It’s been such a year this year, when I started here just this March I had no idea what wonderful and gorgeous people I would get to meet on the way.

I feel I have made friends with people who in real every day life I would not of had the privilege to meet. I am hoping that I get to meet some of you sometime soon.

With my blog, when I was thinking of the name I wanted it to be a place of things I chat about to friends over a cuppa, I had no idea how many friends would stop by and everyone who does I really hope you enjoy your tea and even a slice of cake :-)

Thank you for stopping by and wishing you all wonderful Christmas. I am off to do the fun bit, some cooking, some relaxing and some just plain enjoying.

Lego Stars Christmas by Oscar. Please note they have a real tree ;-)

Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy xxx


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  1. And a very, very Happy Christmas to you too!

    1. Ali says:

      Thank you and you have a wonderful time too x

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