Meal Planning Monday – Bex’s Birthday Week

Last week went quite well to plan, as it was half term I chopped and changed a bit. We were lucky enough to of been sent a gorgeous hamper from Capricorn Goats Cheese so the weekend got a change around whilst we made tarts and risotto with our ingredients.

This week is Bex’s birthday, 13 tomorrow!!! So she has chosen her birthday meal (good choice), veggie burgers for later on in the week and Homemade pizza as it was such a success last week. I am een going to make a gluten free version so I don’t feel left out!!!

So here is what we will be eating this week:

Monday: Spicy turkey and pear burgers with potato wedges and salad.

Tuesday: Bex’s choice, Easy chicken kebab, served in tortilla wraps (more popular the pitta bread) with shredded salad. Summer rice salad. Birthday cake.

Wednesday: Easy night, this could be good old egg and chips or omelette. Plus veg of course!

Thursday: Veggie Burgers and salad.

Friday: Swirly whirly sausages and pizza puffs and bits and pieces. I have done this for ages and they aren’t healthy but it nice as a treat. I will be having jacket potato and some kind of topping.

Saturday: Homemade Pizza and salad. After making this last weekend I really wondered why I don’t make homemade ones more often. With pizza there are some many toppings to choose from it will take a while to get bored of them!!!

Sunday: Father’s Day. I think we will do a roast but it may well change. Roast is easy though, prepare ahead cook later.

Baking wise today I will be making carrot cake for Bex’s birthday cake. Bex’s  choice, which will be covered in a light butter icing, coloured green like a field to take on a pony theme!!! I will also make smartie cookie or these smartie biscuits because they are super easy and always loved.

So that is my menu this week pop of to At home with Mrs B Meal Planning Monday link up to see what everyone else is planning.

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