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Meal Planning Monday

So yet again it is Monday again, looking out the window it’s hard to believe it is July. Still we had a sunny weekend so….This week feels like it will be hectic seems lots going on end of year school plays, welcome evenings and late riding lessons so this week maybe a matter of doing a plan and mix and match it till my heart or everyone tummy’s are content!!! Having said that I sit here typing and have no idea what’s on the menu tonight, which obviously is not a good start!!!!

So well here is my slightly manic weeks menu:

Monday: Something that will be using left-over chicken (suggestions welcome)

Tuesday: Pasta with pepper and onion cream cheese sauce (always a hit with everyone and easy)

Wednesday: Stuff potatoes and salad. Again they will have lots of veg in, cheese and perhaps bacon too!!!

Thursday: I may well opt for an easy meal so Pizza, chips and naked coleslaw salad.

Friday: School play night so will make an easy lot of Quesadilla and salad. Jacket potato for me and then if hungry when back will have cheeses etc and then fab dreams all night!!!

Saturday: Spinach Frittia, new potatoes and veg (prob broccoli)

Sunday: Roast, I find roasts easy and nice way to end a Sunday.

Baking needs to be done as enjoyed the sunshine (yep remember that!) at the weekend so didn’t do any. I will be making vanilla flapjacks, savoury muffins (which my guys loves and me too!) and I may make a big cake because if it  stays this grey and wet all week a piece of cake and a cuppa is hard to beat.

So that is what we will be eating, like I say this week may have to have some changes but we will try to stick to the plan!!! I have linked up with At Home With Mrs M on her Meal planning Monday, pop over to see what everyone else has planned for this week.

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8 Responses to "Meal Planning Monday"

  1. Claire says:

    I love savoury muffin too! I have never made Quesadillas. I usually stick to fajitas. I must try them next week!

    1. Ali says:

      Savoury muffins are totally gorgeous, my two will choose that them something sweet :-) Quesadillas I really yummy (I can’t eat them as have gluten in) again my two love them so hope you do too. x

  2. Lovely meals! Try this for your left over chicken – I’ve had my eye on it for a while!

    1. Ali says:

      Oh thank you, will take a look, having said that after looking at the left over chicken and lack of chicken left we had homemade turkey meatballs in tomato sauce last night. Today I will stick to my plan, I just knew it would be one of those weeks!!!

  3. @milliepaw says:

    I’m obvs too late for the leftovers, but we make croquetas and just serve them with a tomato dipping sauce and a load of salads. I love quesadillas. Might have to make some for my lunch tomorrow.

    1. Ali says:

      They sound good :-) do you have a recipe? I am always a bit boring with left over chicken!!! Hope you enjoy your quesadillas tomorrow :-)

  4. i like to have a roast at the weekend too. and it is nice and easy but feels special. i like your savoury muffins recipe – will give those a go. thank you. your blog is great. B

    1. Ali says:

      Ahhh thank you Becca :-) savoury muffins are really yummy and perfect for picnics should the sun decide to come out to play for a while!!! Yes I love a roast too. Thanks for stopping by x

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