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Meal planning Monday

meal planning monday

Last week we pretty much stuck to our plan except Saturday saw a change to a homemade Indian meal. This was due to the fact Bex changed her D.T project from Italian which didn’t really inspire her to Indian. Which quite frankly is a lot more work. So Saturday saw a rather yummy menu swap, Vegetable Jalfrezi,  Bombay potato, pilau rice, cucumber raita and homemade naan bread were all made and served. Also two melted hob knobs (not the biscuits but the actual ‘hobs’ knobs!) and one burnt finger (mine I’d like to add and will put my hands up to the knobs problem too!)

Homemade vegetarian Indian meal

Bex's is vegetarian Indian menu - not including melted knobs or burnt fingers!!!

So with the D.T project pretty much out the way our menu this week will look like this.  With the hope of not de-valuing my house on the market even further!!!

Monday: Pizza, chips and salad. (sorry I started the day feeling tired, tonight I am not cooking so…)

Tuesday: Lentil and cheese wedge, new potatoes and salad. (inspired by Utterly Scrummy’s menu last week, see it’s worth having a visit!)

Wednesday: Turkey scroganoff and rice

Thursday: Chilli tortilla layer and salad

Friday: Quorn Bolognese

Saturday: Turkey burgers, potato wedges and shredded salad (otherwise none as naked coleslaw!)

Sunday: Yet to decide but may well be a roast.

So that is what our main meals will be this week, I need to fill up my cake tins with some goodies but yet to decide what.

I have linked up At Home with Mrs M Meal Planning Monday who kindly hosts this link up. I think I need to get even more organised as so far

and this is week 5 or possible 6 I am sure I haven’t reduce our shopping bill as yet. Or of course the food just keeps going up I am not sure!!!!





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4 Responses to "Meal planning Monday"

  1. Delicious meal plan! What an exciting DT project too. I only remember doing pizzas when I was at school!

    1. Ali says:

      Yes I certainly don’t remember having to do a D.T (‘home ec’ in my day!) project at home like that one!!! I do remember making Pate though!!!

  2. Alison says:

    I think I need to have a stab at this. My mother in law has been visiting for a month (!) and after a good start I’m down to defrosting pizzas and giving my daughters cocktail olives and crackers for the lunches!

    1. Ali says:

      Wow one month…

      My son would love the cocktail olives and crackers mind. It worth a ‘stab’ I pretend it makes me organised so it makes me feel better about that anyway!!! Thanks for stopping by x

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