Meal planning

Meal Planning Monday

So yet another week has gone by the sun came a few times but we are still a little confused whether to have salads or soups. I have decided this week to get the slow cooker out one day as I used to loved using this but really only ever seem to do stew in it. As I type this, the sun is shining over the screen (note to self need to clean screen!) but I planned my meals yesterday so this is what we will be eating come rain or shine!!!

Monday – Chicken soup (that why its sunny today!) using leftover from roast yesterday and will make homemade bread rolls and again now I started making bread for Pizza bases realise how easy it is so…

Tuesday – Pasta and pesto and salad ( Cam will make this as I will be out earlier on)

Wednesday – Moroccan Chicken (cooked in slow cooker) served with rice and mint & cucumber yoghurt.

Thursday –  Sausages, onion gravy, mash and veg.

Friday – Out at a friends for dinner (yay) I will take pudding yet to decide what suggestions welcome, I am not really a pudding sort of person but Oscar did make fantastic ice-cream at the weekend easy recipe coming up this week!!!

Saturday – Vegetable crumble and individual mini baked omelette a bit of both served with salad.

Sunday – Lamb tray bake, minted pea’s (love having mint in the garden!), broccoli, roasties and Yorkshire pudding. Oh and gravy of course!!!

Now I typed that I am feeling a bit hungry! I have linked up with At Home With Mrs M on her Meal Planning Monday link up. Pop over and see what everyone else is having and remember folks apparently ‘Meal Planning’ is the start to becoming organised (say’s she!).

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