Meal Planning Monday

Meal planning

Yuk, it is a really wet Monday!!! I have just finished my online shop and yet again the prices have gone up. So glad I have my  meal planning in the hope it saves a bit of money. Though can not get over the price of sugar, can you? Love baking but the sugar prices seem to go up and up. If you like baking it worth a visit to the Co-op as their sugar is a lot cheaper there than both Tesco and Asda. Especially if you are Christmas baking and need brown sugar for stir up Sunday this coming Sunday I do believe. There you go my money-saving tip of the day 🙂

So our week food wise looks like this and as you can see a few budget meals to keep the shopping bill down!!!

Monday: Toad in the Hole and veg (what ever I have left before the shopping comes tomorrow!)

Tuesday: Veggie fritters, homemade salsa and fresh bread

Wednesday: Homemade pasties and naked coleslaw salad or veg and prawn jacket potato and salad for me. Thought I treat everyone to pastry with gluten in it, hence the spud for me. That and I feel like prawns 🙂

Thursday: Vegetable curry, curried eggs, rice and naan bread (using my any day of the week chicken curry recipe but swapping veg for the chicken)

Friday: Spaghetti Bolognese

Saturday: Chilli bean soup, served with sour cream and tortilla chips

Sunday: Roast chicken etc

My cake tins are empty so this week I am going to bake spiced Oat cookie cakes and savoury muffins and everyone seems to like these even more than sweet ones.

I have linked up with At Home with Mrs M for a meal planning Monday. Do pop over and see who else has linked up 🙂


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